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Posted by Mo on 03/15

How about raising its requirement to 80 dex, and raising the requirement of dodge to 60 dex -- seems to me it's a very powerful skill that can be had for too little a cost. Also, it'd be nice if tumble only worked if you were at least eligible to learn the skill you were tumbling -- except the case of the stun spell, where i think perc could easily substitute mind. (50 perc in order to tumble stun, 40 str in order to tumble bash, to name a few :p) And, uhm, let's have sprawling shots prevent targets from autorushing. I think it's seriously ridiculous for sprawled targets to get up and rush in an instant. Or at least have sprawled shots give 1 round delay to the victim if he autorushed on one. Mo!

From: Misery Wednesday, March 10, 10:10PM

oooo, 1 round delay on sprawled target, 1 round lag on shoot.... hmmmmmmm, good idea! Misery

From: Windu Wednesday, March 10, 10:53PM

80 dex for tumble -- I like 60 dex for dodge -- I like I dislike the skill reqs for tumble -- hurts sniper types alot and kinda moots the point of tumble being a skill of its own Sprawling shots should work like you say, too -- I like

From: Brede Wednesday, March 10, 11:35PM

How about taking tumble the same way that parry has gone lately, split into 3 levels. With the highest level requiring 80 dex, and being margionally better than the skill allows right now. (Hometown restricted to NOT Tara) Also gives those non-magic users something to spend practices on, and probably will not allow the magic users to learn because of their lack of practices. Brede

From: Ma Thursday, March 11, 11:20AM

Perhaps tumble just works too well at 60 dex, if it's based on dex & perc, you should tumble like 20% as often as a sniper. Still, I'd prefer if it were yanked or majorly changed.. PK's just sad when you can waste someone one day then get wasted by them the next all depending on who's luckier with tumble. Luck has to play a part but on a gradual scale throughout. Tumbling a bash can save you like 50 hps/round, it's crazy..

From: Mo Thursday, March 11, 05:07PM

What's sad is that if you dont choose to be a mage of some sort, everything else just depends on luck. I mean, ANYONE can get 90 90 90 ish stats with hunt, so pk among fighters is just boring. dull. dumb. pointless. mo!

From: Nosferatu Friday, March 12, 04:55AM

Why is it 80% of the ideas/complaints tend to be focused around dex characters, and their need for skills to be improved or added for them. I seem to notice a trend of dex characters, especially around pkill. I can count numerous advantages to having dex/perc, skills being the number one advantage. And dont give me this, con has hp stuff. With all the hp gear still focused on dex items, its rediculous that dex is still the most unbalanced stat in this game. Nosferatu - Not a point of view, a reality.

From: Mo Friday, March 12, 01:46PM

If you notice, the only dex chars out there are those that pk for 'fun.' and that can actually afford to be an underdog. Or simply they prefer the snipe/backstab options because, despite its weakness it's is definately a lot more fun playing than simply spamming headbutt or bash. Hp may be put more on dex gear rather than most, but that's also a disadvantage for dex chars who tend to have high natural dex. Sides, it's irrelevant as to WHERE the bonus is -- you can always create chars around eq. I don't see you pk oft, and i can tell you that having 670hps is almost a guarantee to win -- as long as you recognize insane streaks of luck and bail when such happens. I have less than 500 hps and still manage to tank out most chars using nothing more than skills available to con chars -- headbutt. Mo!

From: Bryn Friday, March 12, 11:47PM

You don't pk for fun, Mo?

From: Sandtiger Saturday, March 13, 12:33AM

Why not just make all skills have a base of 50 stat then only people who specialize in a particular stat can get those skills Sarcastically yours Sandtiger

From: Azash Monday, March 15, 11:45PM

Try to say something interesting too. For example no spam chars in pkill. It means all spamming augmentors from Tara. Always you can flee and augment and win. And yes, everything is luck here. But in RL it is around luck too.


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