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Posted by Conspiracy on 03/15

ok, I don't know what the hell is causing the lag lately, but it's getting rediculous. Seems like it started about the time housing went in to me. I know, ditching housing would be crazy. But something needs to be done, I've been an avid legend player for years, but lately I find myself looking for a new mud when I get lagged out, which is something I rarely do. append!

From: Rufus Thursday, March 11, 05:39PM

Well, I can tell you it's not housing... the lag added by housing is the equivalent to adding 1 new area (eg, not very much). A lot of the lag is problems with Verio's routers (they're the ones who own signet). As far as mud-based lag goes (from people compiling, etc) will go away soon as we are upgrading the mud's machine in the near future. -Ruf

From: LadyAce Thursday, March 11, 05:56PM

If you have access to a unix machine (or have a nifty util for your mac/pc) you can use the traceroute command (type traceroute mud.sig.net, y might need to find the pathname of traceroute) and it'll show whether the lag is from the mud or from the net between you and the mud. The traceroute info would help us back up any complaints we made to verio. -LadyAce

From: Traithe Thursday, March 11, 07:47PM

Ohhh to add to what LA said, if you have Win 98, open a DOS window and type 'tracert mud.sig.net' or whatever the IP address is and it'll run a nice trace for you as well. MS ripped off someone when they put this is from memory, but who cares? Traithe Note: tracert is somewhere in the normal path directories somewhere so you can type it from anywhere. Might even work from the run thing but I've never tried that

From: Vandervecken Friday, March 12, 04:44AM

Mac users can download a freeware application called WhatRoute? from http://crash.ihug.co.nz/-bryanc/

From: Azash Monday, March 15, 11:49PM

And ping is good too, ping mud.sig.net. :))


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