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Posted by Conspiracy on 03/16

how in the world can you say this mo? I have under 80 dex, the highest dex I've EVER had with this char was 82, and since learning tumble I've tumbled all of one time. hey, here's a hint, btw.. dex is defense, it's one in the same, lets not make it any worse than it already is, k? having to have 40 str to get a _percentage_ of a chance to tumble a bash is most idiotic, that would make the skill all but useless. gee, mom - I tumble them headbutts real nice, but I can never seem to tumble anything else! -bonk- also let me add this, headbutt is rediculous in my findings. I fought someone with 5 con and 6 str more than me, the result was a stunning headbutt each time but one, which is actually the one time I tumbled. I guess I don't understand why you want an 80 dex prereq on tumble, if the problem is at 100 dex, then say that, but don't go making it worse for the individuals who don't have that much dex, who would also like to see the skill actually work once in a blue friggen moon. -Cons.

From: Fright Friday, March 12, 08:18PM

I think your level plays a part in how often you tumble, at least I have noticed that I tumble more at level 50 than I did at lower levels in pkill.

From: Conspiracy Friday, March 12, 09:30PM

all I'm saying is this: Mo claims that tumble works too well at 80 dex, I have right about 80 dex and I've tumbled once, period. So the problem lies elsewhere. if that means it's at level 50 with 80 dex, then that is what should have been originally posted. the way I look at it with my level and stats, tumble is an awesome skill, when and if it works. I guess that's why Mo's post annoyed the hell out of me.

From: Akai_Hayate Saturday, March 13, 06:16PM

hmm speaking of tumble i have 100 dex and i have tumbled not once in pkill about twice in mobkill i have a fighter person wif 66 dex who i only had get tumble to keep from bustin his hump when he goes to dis, he ive had it for one da day and hes tumbled 6 headbutts from cian and them jerks 5 bashs soo umm wtf? i mean i like that he tumbles that much but i would like me to tumble also -lurk- -bow- -wave-

From: Leatherface Tuesday, March 16, 04:41PM

I always get annoyed when people say 'Headbutt is rediculous' and 'headbutt is overpowered'. Most of the chars I fight with tumble nearly EVERY f---ing headbutt I throw at them. Ruby tumbled like hell when we fought, West tumbles like mad, Gaidal does too.. (could go on, and on, and on with a list of names) And concerning the str req to tumble a bash, wtf are you talking about Again, headbutts are tumbled so often that bash is my only recorse against snipers and other dex chars with low str. If you want to change the way skills work, we should also put a # of tumbles per fight limit in, otherwise us fighters simply stand there and hope we do big enough rounds to matter. Sure we can kick, and elbow (other skills too, but they are mostly useless) but without high dex, kick sucks, and elbow dosn't land a whole lot. Just my turd in the mindless babbling s--t-storm. (pet board) Leatherface.


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