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Posted by O'Bedlam on 03/14

I was wondering what opinion others had of this use of pracs. At lvl 50 I usually have left over pracs. I was thinking of possibly having quests that require pracs. ANd the rewards would be thi things like perm +2 to hit, or perma +dam. Maybe there should be lvl restrictions. Like only lvl 45 or above can perform them. It would be another plus to trying to have a high lvl character. I really haven't thought of bad ascpects to this, but maybe ya'll can. what do you think? Tom O'Bedlam

From: Ea! Saturday, March 13, 06:06PM

Our general idea on dealing with the extra practices is to work on adding more skills (eg, skill trees). -Ea!

From: Brede Sunday, March 14, 12:11AM

Just a thought. But I think we all expect skilltrees to take a little while yet. (Best case scenario) How about adding 3 levels of some skills, (ala parry and weapon skills) such as: tumble, dodge, and maybe even backstab. These wouldn't take a lot of work necessarily and could be a temporary improvement until skill trees come around. The problem I see is mages rule the pkill world these days, and they are the ones without extra practices to spend, while the non-mages generally end up with 20+ practices unspent at level 50. This would certainly add some more uniquness to each character, as well as hinder mages slightly, while helping non-mages slightly. Brede

From: Raskolnikov Sunday, March 14, 01:31AM

I have no idea what kind of char you are playing that has 20+ pracs left at lvl 50 but I bet you suck pretty bad.

From: Brede Sunday, March 14, 01:39AM

Actually off the top of my head I can think of 4 characters I have with 20+ practices left at level 50. The key is, NON-MAGES. I don't know that a pure sniper, pure fighter, or surgeon necessarily 'sucks pretty bad' either, just cecause they don't have spells. If you don't use practices on things like case, appraise, armwrestle, haggle, etc. etc. its not hard to be left with practices. But I guess if you want to be cool like raskolnikov, you could take skills like that and use them all up. They must give you hours of entertainment. Brede

From: Mo Sunday, March 14, 01:59AM

Our general idea on dealing with imm promises of skill trees is that it won't happen. Seriously tho, it is true that lvl 50 chars end up with a sizable amout of pracs unspent that should be able to be spent doing some good in the meantime. I personally wouldn't mind skills like gunplay that is a requirement for the use of certain type of eq -- i.e., eq that gives damroll, eq that gives hitroll, and eq that gives hps. That way mages and spellcasters won't be able to round their chars off as well. Mo!

From: O'Bedlam Sunday, March 14, 02:12AM

...I guess all I was saying that left over pracs leave us room to grow. I dont want 20 useless skills. perhaps some want to focus one making a character a certain way. and left over pracs could help if given a value beyon arm wrestling.

From: Ea! Sunday, March 14, 01:46PM

I understand that many player's don't expect skill trees to happen soon, but each time we take a problem that we've already got a solution for in skill trees and come up with another solution and implement it now we push trees further back. Perhaps players don't mind that, but since it's my job to get trees into the game, I do. -Ea!

From: Ma Sunday, March 14, 11:23PM

Hmm, interesting.. I'm a plain old fighter, haven't wasted a single prac on useless skills yet still only have 4 pracs left at lvl 50.. I have dex and con weapon proficiencies, the skills for both, gun & bow skills, a couple of str skills as I have more strength than some char types. I could still learn surgery but don't want to waste my remaining pracs. I haven't even got draw or listen as they're rarely of use. I really don't want anymore skills or skills split into 3 levels as it will no longer be possible to switch between various fighter types depending on how poorly balanced one is to the next.

From: Brede Sunday, March 14, 11:43PM

I guess my point only applies to those characters (probably most of them) that only specialize in one weapon type. It also sounds like you have more balanced stats than a lot of characters, therefore giving you access to more skills. And most people, myself included, don't build a character that is able to switch depending on the latest changes in the system. I am not saying that is a bad idea, far from it, it just doesn't occur to most people as an option. Brede


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