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Posted by Mo on 03/23

Heh, first off, I don't expect this to be imp'd or anything, just thought the idea was amusing enough to share :p fast chant: roughly 85 min req, 3rd circle only combat-only skill; i.e., can't be used to initiate combat what this should do is work like a semi-clear command, cutting spell lag of the previous spell by half, but instead having the next spell (fchant blah blah blah ex, for example) would be cast at its original cost + twice the cost of the spell that precedes it. For example, if you lead off with a stun, and fastchant another the next round, you'd spend 35 + (35 + 35x2) = 140 mana for two stuns. The reason i say this works like a clear is cuz it has the ability to somewhat ignore spell lag, and also SHOULD NOT be able to be cleared by a clear command that comes after it (hence the non-combat initiating spiel, i don't want this to multi ppl :P). The 2nd fchant would cost too high (in this example, it would cost 105x2 + 35 = 245), but may be worth it to some if they are really in a bind. Reason i thought this nifty was cuz i heard too many -cough mandarb- complain that high mind mages have really nothing to show for :P Mo!

From: Mo Sunday, March 21, 03:20PM

oh yeah, another idea instead of outrageous mana sums on the 2nd fchant is to have mana cost for fchant max out at 150, but instead lower spell level of the fchanted spell depending on where on the chain it comes in.. not a problem for stun, prolly, but could get ugly for immolates :)

From: Raskolnikov Sunday, March 21, 10:53PM

Actually this is a really good idea. I would change it so same mana cost but EXTREMELY high mind requirement possibly 100 because as it stands having 100 mnd only helps in stunning mobs like demon kings or vlad. (I tried 100 mnd/con when I first started this char and found I was miserable killing mobs or in pk.) Maybe lessen the effects of the second spell i.e. have it cast at a level of 75% of the mnd of the previous spell. So with it you would only be able to use a spell requiring rudh twice. 100 x .75 = 75 mnd. Then 100 x .5 would be 50 dropping mnd to 50. I dunno I'm rambling and will stop.

From: Wuss Monday, March 22, 12:05AM

Mind req of 85 or so would mean 93 in case of idiocy, and that doesn't seem too low -- considering sinks can be dispelled easily by an arrow, it's not too unlikely that mages with such high mind would be idiocized (also possible that they could be bombarded with vials?). Besides, I think it'd give create mages with dispel a slight advantage over cause.

From: Mo Monday, March 22, 12:10AM

Mmm. the no-clear thing would only be of a matter if the code remains such that you can still 'air' spells, wasting mana (i.e, fchant would be quite a risk unless you're casting it on a raged, wfw'd, bound, target). Even if we code to prevent 'airs' such that mages can spam spells, fchant should remain 'air'-able, just because. What I can see it doing is boosting a mage's ability to set up an effective ambush, going from blind to stun to immolate (for a whopping near 400 mana) in 2-3 rounds, or when they recover from a huge bash, they can stand and try to make the best of that. Anyhow, again, i guess i shouldn't ramble on, i'm only leading myself on when this probably ranks 12391820th in the priority list :P Mo!

From: Azash Monday, March 22, 08:17AM

It seems Mo will have another pkiller a 3rd mage.

From: Mugwump Monday, March 22, 11:24AM

OOH! implement this right away, especially with the 150cap! I'll start fchanting all my titans and save 40 mana. Oh, wait, it says this is only useful against those who are wfw and bound. Perhaps you need to be reminded that there are 2 schools of magic? Or was this meant as (yet another) something to favor cause only, or at least predominantly?

From: Azash Monday, March 22, 01:28PM

This is something, what someone wants in pkill.. Snicker

From: Mo Monday, March 22, 05:37PM

Gee azash, fyi, i don't have a 3rd coming up. And most of the stuff i post happens to be against my char types. Do you think it hampers my ability to kill just because one type is imbalanced? If it does, I'm only a few weeks away from retiring and making a new one, regardless of when it is that you find me. No, I'm just sick of everyone becoming one type or another, and finding out that every other pker just happens to be a clone of this or that. I wanna see different chars coming after me, and want to test my char against various chars, not just cloneA and cloneB. And get a clue. If I win, it's cuz I'm more aggressive, not because i've got the better char. mo!

From: Azash Monday, March 22, 05:50PM

You know enough about pkill. More than me. Then you know this will be powerful. Stun someone and stun him in another round too. Yeah, it will cost enough mana, but if I will get 800mana ( and it isn't so big problem) then I can cast fast and get spell every round. Maybe I understand your post bad.

From: Mo Monday, March 22, 07:03PM

Heh, let's see. 35 mana, first stun 105 mana second stun, total 140 245 mana third stun, total 385 525 mana fourth stun, total 910 Uhm, no :P If you can win in three stuns, well, be my guest, but I doubt that, and doing this more than once would prolly leave you very vulnerable, esp if you had that much mana.

From: Azash Tuesday, March 23, 09:04AM

I like 2 rounds delay... Maybe it will work. shrug


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