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Posted by Azash on 03/26

My opinion, entranced mob or player can't flee.

From: Thyme Monday, March 22, 10:43AM

that would be a bit overpowered and unbalancing, but I do agree there should be a stat check, if there already is then it should be drasticly upped. my healer can't even entrance savannah mobs and keep them from fleeing. -how pathetic.

From: Azash Monday, March 22, 01:29PM

I don't know how entranced mob can flee from you. He is moving, when he is dancing, faster than you are running?

From: Mo Monday, March 22, 05:41PM

Entrance would then be just another way of binding people, and that'd give that skill too much an advantage. As it is, an entrance mob is basically weapon-special bait -- try fighting one with a flaming sword.

From: Ma Monday, March 22, 07:30PM

That's how entrance used to be, and it's not really like bind cos the last time someone used it on me in pk, I woke and headbutted b4 their skill lag was over.. Not real effective.

From: Celeste Friday, March 26, 10:51AM

-NOD Ma- I had a pkiller who used entrance. I think there was only... twice? at most? when she got a hit AND a special in before the person woke from the trans. Rest of the time she was still in skill lag but they woke right away. Some comparison as to how easy it is to wake from entrance on a spirit to spirit basis would rock, but I'm not really sure how well that would work, plus, could be a bit of a problem mobkill wise. Ces!


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