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Posted by Agamemnon on 03/23

Hmm we are all having some troubles dealing with ownership: extreme lag for players and tons of headache coding for imms. The current system is a bit too complicated : most of your stuff as a character isnt very worth something ( you can recover 60% of your eq solo in case of DT for example..) so all of our stuff mebbe doesnt deserves to be owned. My idea would be to remove ownership as it is and just allow people to own like 2 or 3 items of their choice among their equipment. The 3 owned items couldnt be looted and couldnt be affected by DeathTraps. This also would prevent strung and precious items to dissapear too easily. I hope I was clear exposing this idea, please append comments.

From: Medlir Monday, March 22, 04:15PM

OK, heres my understanding... currently the system is automated. Imms don't have to monitor it all the time, and its pretty handy. If your suggestion happened, then imms would have to place 'owned' tags on items manually which would increase their workload, and add to the number of things that players have to do. Do you really want to have to get an imm to set your items to owned? I mean, you would get a great item when there are no visible imms and live in fear of the next crash. I'm guessing that the current bug and mudlag has a fairly simple solution, not that I really know anything, and the system is set up quite well when its working properly. Nice suggestion, but probably not really nescessary? Medlir

From: Mo Monday, March 22, 05:43PM

Personally, I like ownership, and wouldn't mind waiting while the bugs get squished. And loot-proof gear is too much.

From: Ton Monday, March 22, 07:04PM

Ea! said the code change fixed it.

From: Ma Monday, March 22, 07:32PM

I think it'd be better if stuff only saved in houses if stored in furniture containers.

From: Rufus Tuesday, March 23, 07:42AM

I added in some code that should greatly speed up the lag, it should be in in the next week or so. Cross your fingers and hope it works, it's kinda a radical new way to handle things =) -Ruf

From: Ronnie Tuesday, March 23, 04:08PM

Not sure if it does already, but could ownership vanish on items after a period of mudtime or RL time? I have this anxiety that one day I wont be able to retrieve some of my equipment should I ever die, highly unlikel as that is

From: LadyAce Tuesday, March 23, 05:09PM

Far as I know, it does time out.


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