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ah if i could tell a story

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Posted by Akai_Hayate on 03/26

whats with this board? i its either has no new messages for weeks on ends or (this usually happens when i go inactive -peer conspiracy-) theres a new a append every 10 seconds what gives! Akai_somthing-Dark monkey and all around tailed midget

From: Woe Thursday, March 25, 09:27PM

Appends breed appends.

From: Violence Thursday, March 25, 09:31PM

You people watching appends breed are sick!

From: LadyAce Friday, March 26, 09:03AM

Plus the fact that the coding staff is in "disaster relief" mode right now, not to mention the rest of us...:) Hopefully the bugs will all be squashed very soon and we can all go back to normal.


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