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healing pk rules

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Posted by Ma on 03/30

There still doesn't seem to be clear rules on when unclanned can heal clanned. Is it ok to heal a clanned when his injuries are caused by a mob then he goes off to pkill straight away? Is it ok to be healed by unclanned if injuries are caused from pkill and he goes off to pkill 'someone else' straight away? It seemed pretty clear before those deletions of ronnie etc. I got a heal from someone today and he said not to pkill for 20 mins. O'course I couldn't wait THAT long and he wasn't pleased about it.

From: Wuss Sunday, March 28, 02:38PM

The way I understand it, whenever you get healed by an unclanned, you basically don't pk for a 'good' amount of time unless you are jumped -- the time depending on your target's health. If the target is at perfect health, I personally see little wrong with jumping them as soon as you are healed UNLESS of course that other person is heavily related to the person you've just defeated. (making it pretty obvious that he/she would want revenge in your weakened state) As far as mobkill is concerned, i don't think it matters whether you get healed right away and go pk, unless of course you were killing a mob that had something FOR pk, or were wounded already and simply killed a dinky little mob :p In general, to avoid confusion, I think it best to ask the person you were involved in pk with first, and not to re-engage in pk right away if you got unclanned healing (at least wait til the other guy gets healed too?) -Wuss

From: Poetry Monday, March 29, 12:27PM

Nice ideas, blah blah. I have to say though, that I would prefer an immortal post thats VERY clear on whats ok and whats not. Not, that I care all that much, since Im a better druid than most. Hm, I guess it will still help me in clearing it up for those I fight. I believe that a well defined but strict set of rules is better than looser rules, that make more sense, but leave room for abuse. Poetry Modele

From: Raskolnikov Sunday, March 28, 10:13PM

The rules are pretty simple. If someone attacks a pk in your group you sit down and wait. There's really no reason taht if pk hasn't been initiated an unclanned can't heal you and then you go initiate pk. It's the same thing as resting just takes longer and doesn't put you at an advantage over the opponents. Interference last time I checked meant some action that would somehow influence the outcome of pk. This nonsense of people waiting 20 min to pk after they are healed by an unclanned is pretty ridiculous. Those that were involved wit the the SL incident either had triggers and went afk which is stupid when clanned people are hitting or interfered on purpose. Either way it's illegal. I personally have lots of healers and I try to follow my own advice...ask Mo..when pk starts I rest and do nothing. I think unclanned sometimes get overzealous in their protection of groups or dislike of certain pk'rs and lose their head. As long as they don't INTERFERE then noone would possibly be able to catch them healing or what have you.

From: BabaYaga Tuesday, March 30, 05:54PM

-NOD Rask- More than half my alts (and I have a few) are healers in one form or another. Like Rask I just sit on my ass and not interfere. And there've been times when I've -really- wanted to. Soo in general -nodnodnodnod Rask- Baba Yaga


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