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Posted by Guelah on 03/30

This is, I know, a minor point, but one that concerns me kinda. I've been using elbow of late, and this whole disorient thing is a bit confusing. I know it does something, though I can't tell what, but most important, I think a message to let me know when someone is no longer disoriented would be useful. Also, this thought just popped into my li'l ol' mind here, I wonder if the disorient effect could remove a rage affect from the victim. Or mess with spellcasting or somethin, anything that has to do with the person's thought process. Comments? G

From: Maus Tuesday, March 30, 02:22PM

As far as I understand it, disorient does a few things. First, it's tough to move around disoriented. You'll go the wrong way a lot. Second, if you're disoriented and then set to sitting somehow, you'll sometimes not be able to stand up. Third, I believe it does mess with spellcasting, although I'm not exactly sure how. MM

From: Rufus Tuesday, March 30, 02:53PM

Disorient has the capability of doing any of the following: - walking wrong directions - failing to stand up - not allow chanting - hamper tumbling/dodging - lessens hitroll - makes hunt more difficult - hamper dex-based skills It doesn't do all of these all the time (the hitroll and hampering dodging are the only constants I believe). The effects of elbow aren't as devestating as some of the other skills, but no single skill can affect so many different areas for that long of a period. -Ruf

From: Myrella Tuesday, March 30, 04:46PM

Course it might be really neat if we poor mages ( especially us poor create mages -grin-) could have a spell that disorients :-) -bat- -looks sweet and innocent- -begs- Myrella Hmm ok, so you might have trouble with the look innocent part....


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