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Posted by Wuss on 04/02

If we're gonna do with warnings, they should be classed into several categories -- I don't see all warn-able behavior as being on the same level. One would be channel related warnings, be it spam, too much info, or language. This could also apply to boards. Second would be personal warnings from harrassment, lewd unwanted advances towards another player. This would only include emotes, says, yells, whispers, talks, tells, socials and anything else that doesn't check for pk-enabledness. Third category would relate to game abuse, such as duping, crashing abusing, multiplaying, etc. Personally I would like the warnings to be very separate such that they don't correspond to each other. Wuss

From: Thyme Wednesday, March 31, 09:56PM

That all seems to make alot of sense to me except for one part, the part about lewd comments to other chars. I personally agree that such comments shouldn't be made at all, but that's beside the point I want to make. There are alot of people here who know the "rules" inside and out because they have been here for a very long time. Not too long ago I witnessed a pk'er say some things to another pk'er in a safe room. I don't care to mention what was said, but it offended me that people can't be mature enough to not use such language. After talking to an immortal about this, to my surprise, there was little that could be done about it because noone ever asked the person to stop using the language. The rules clearly state that offensive language will not be tolerated on public channels and boards. However, these rules say nothing about saying, telling, yelling, or emoting the same language. It would seem to me that the MUD needs to come to a realization that this is simply going to happen, whether we like or not, and I for one have a problem with people abusing rules because they are unclear. I think it's time we made offensive language obsolete altogether, or we learn to live with it. But this "I can yell it if I want to as long as I don't chat it" attitude I've seen of late is quite rediculous.

From: Brede Thursday, April 01, 12:43AM

Good point Wuss. Warnings should have severities. I've known people to get warned for writing a certain 4 letter word on chat, even with 2 '-' in the place of letters, and I hardly feel that something of this nature should be considered on par with harassment warnings. Maybe its just me though. Brede

From: Brede Thursday, April 01, 12:45AM

BTW, the - as it turned into, was meant to be an asterisk.

From: Sandra Thursday, April 01, 07:24AM

Um, where ya been guys? Warnings DO have severities. And verbal was also made a warn-type so that we don't end up giving people verbal warnings over and over again. Read help violations for all the info. -Sandra

From: Guelah Thursday, April 01, 07:56AM

I'm responding here to Thyme's append, referring to the incident that he (she? sorry, don't know you) makes reference to about someone using offensive language in a safe room. I just want to say, first of all, I don't understand being offended by something that was said to someone else. But if you are, so be it. However, it seems to me that instead of seeking immortal help, you could have asked the person to not use such language in your presence or you could have removed yourself from the situation. In such a situation there seems little need to look immediately to immorts for help. If people resolve issues amongst themselves, then things may be more amicable in the future. Also, had you asked the person not to use that lan guage, and they persisted, you could have gotten them warned as you wanted to. So, I simply suggest, don't necissarily run to the immorts immediately Of course, I don't know the details of the situation, but that's my 2 cent anyhow. G

From: Ulric Friday, April 02, 01:07AM

Harassment is a subject that sometimes is highly questionable. I've seen overly sensitive players that freak out at the littlest things and cry harassment at the slightest hint that they feel bothered. That right there is one of my top pet peeves. I realize that more than half of the warnings that come from harassment are legit and needed, but I know of a few times of where it was just a case that someone here doesnt know how to play with others and is highly overly senstive. I feel these people deserve warnings too, but since that wont happen I'll continue dreaming. I love my warning that I got for OBVIOUSLY jokingly locking someone in my clan hall for less than 3 RL minutes. Its just a verbal warning, but thats a clear case of crying wolf.

From: Wuss Friday, April 02, 01:24AM

I'm not talking severities, I'm talking different kinds altogether. I don't think a warning for abuse of channels should count against you if you have a warning against abusing a bug, and vice versa. Instead, I want each of them to have their own tally, but be given more freely. I personally don't believe 6 channel warnings to be anywhere NEAR 1 or 2 game abuse warnings. Severities are too arbitrary across categories -- a severe channel abuse, imho, is not even a minor game abuse. But that's just my opinion -- I just think temper tantrums should be seen as more forgivable than intentional game abuse. Of course, this allows for 'more' number of warnings a player can tack on themselves -- however, that can easily be amended by issuing warnings more consistently and without fail. Wuss


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