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Spamming for stats

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Posted by Ton on 04/07

Changing the rate at which your stats change when spemming eq has been talked about for a while. So that the stats change gradually when you change eq, not instantly. Is this a priority at all? It seems to me that it is one of the more unbalancing aspects right now, if you want proof, look at how many characters are from tara (argueably the most versitily hometown) compared to the rest. And why not, when you can be a fighter, spam to cast spells, spam to be a druid, etc. I know this will render a lot of characters obselete, some of mine included. But the ability to instantly change character types is a big advantage, and its not an option to a lot of characters. My only possible problems with this would be mages spamming for meditate, since without some aid, getting mana back is really slow. But that just makes a case for the in game items that give you mana. Append thoughts and ideas, oh, and it would be nice to know the status of coding this too if an imm would care to append. Ton

From: Mice Monday, April 05, 09:10PM

I only have one comment for I agree with everything else... I "spam" slightly to meditate. Why would I want to utilize those items that will give me more mana? That only means more that I would have to regen... meaning more time for me to just sit around waiting. -shrug- Mice of Angesley

From: Ton Monday, April 05, 11:54PM

Also means more time before you have to meditate, which is probably a bigger issue in pkill than not.

From: Ton Monday, April 05, 11:56PM

The in game items I was talking about that give you mana, are the ones that help you regenerate mana faster, not those that raise your max mana. I misread the append. Ton

From: Wuss Tuesday, April 06, 01:08AM

Let's face it, it's pretty hard to make chars that are competitive without having them spam to one degree or another. Every char of mine other than the straight-fighters have utilized spam, from meditate to augment -- without it, you get a character that is too static. unlock u open u pk especially, where coming back as fast as you can is a factor spa is especially favoring. Killing the ability to spam will finally tilt the scale in favor of fighters, although not by much since chances are when you spam to meditate, you spend a long time regenning. The more important fact of spamming is those that spam to heal up -- it is a great cost to pay, but with luck deciding half the fights anyhow, it is well worth the extra cost. Mmm. got a bit sidetracked, but what i meant to say, basically, is that spamming makes balance pretty tough (whoa, did i really say that?) and generally more favorable for mages. -wuss

From: Ton Tuesday, April 06, 10:59AM

It probably helps mages some, but they are affected pretty heavily as well. It puts you with the decision of having to decide whether to run around with 40 spirit, or 55 spirit. I would say that losing 15 stat points from other stats, and putting it into spirit would be an option that many would consider. Especially those that are interested in xp running at all. I think this would even things up overall, giving a boost to the character types that are generally considered weak (non-magic users) and hindering the stronger ones. Ton

From: Lethargio Wednesday, April 07, 12:46AM

hmm, spam surgeons would be gone...heh, I was the only pk surgeon around anyway...looks like I'll have to give that up... Unless you make some cool stuff for surgeons in battle...(say, more reliable, more effective entrance or something) leth


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