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Posted by Thyme on 04/07

ok, well legend has continued with tradition and gone and ruined another really cool thing, blind. Lets think about this, if you are blind are you going to know what room your in, and actually SEE it? I think not. So what blind has came sown to is this, in the world of PK: I blind you, and since you can rent that effect off, you run to the neares nearest inn (since you can see where your going) and rent the effect off. Thus making blind completely useless in pk, in my opinion. yes I'm quite mad over this, the effect is way underpowered, lets change the name to "I can't see you, but I'll run to an inn so I can". I've heard some discussion a while back about saving effects, and I love the idea.. But I haven't heard anything abou this in a while. I would love to know what's going on with it.

From: Wuss Tuesday, April 06, 01:14AM

I have to disagree. Granted that blind isn't as devastating as it used to be, with roomnames visible and vials in inventories being quaffed -- not to mention it being agg -- it still is an insanely powerful spell with a fairly low cost (same as stun). It robs, among many things, initiative, acs, mv, etc etc etc etc. And seeing room names does you little good if you get blinded in a looping maze -- point savannah, agrabah gardens, etc. I personally went by the rule that if you can blind the other person, DO SO, and was fairly successful with it. Cause blind even crashes people into others ... whee. Running to rent it off is another great feature, considering they rent off every other spell and effect with it. So much for fighters playing for armor, nabbing a sink, balancing, agg'ing, stocking up with non-rentable healing/eq, grouping... the list goes on and on. I think it's fairly good as it is, although it is on the stronger side if anything else. Wuss

From: Ma Tuesday, April 06, 01:36AM

I'd rather be able to quaff but not see room names.

From: Wuss Tuesday, April 06, 04:06PM

quaffing is the good change, and personally i could care less about the roomnames too -- but currently blind kills mv and lags you a TAD so that you can actually autohunt ppl down when they run blind, unlike before where the blinded person could dash across half the globe and rent before your hunt lag disappeared. wuss

From: Lethargio Wednesday, April 07, 12:49AM

apparently you havn't been blinded enough...blind is still overpowered, imho. With its low cost, it prevents your opponent from initiating an atta

From: Leatherface Wednesday, April 07, 10:37PM

The mv loss alone on blind overpowers it. I would much rather lose room names and have normal mv loss than lose 400mv from 'the Yucatan' to Hygalecs mead hall (grin Nothing) There are many other nasty effects too that Wuss mentioned, but I think mv is the worst. If you are blinded way out in the middle of nowhere without a few clear vials, or cause magic, you are at the mercy of your attacker. (most who can blind once can and will every time you get rid of it, and who can rent very many cure vials, huh?)


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