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Posted by Maus on 04/07

Could the item that you get in indus for the +3 spir quest pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease be put on a mob that repops a -little- more frequently? Maus

From: Maus Wednesday, April 07, 11:59AM

It's four hours now that I've been waiting for that item.

From: Rookie Wednesday, April 07, 02:03PM

still better than the repop time on the old token quest.

From: Myrella Wednesday, April 07, 05:45PM

Have to say I'd have to agree doing the +3 spirit quest with an alt the other night was about as fun as having a root canal. Considering the number and how far appart the items are for the +3 spirit quest the repop time of the Indust item needs looking at. Myrella

From: Maus Wednesday, April 07, 07:03PM

Comparing the time it takes to do the +3 spi quest with the time it took to do the old token quest-even waiting on repop-is a false analogy since the current +3 spi fulfills the function of 1/6th of the old token quest. When you consider the time it takes to do all 6 of the +3 stat quests now, it's a lot longer than the token quest. Especially considering that several of the other +3 stat quests rely on items which can have a long repop time as well. I don't mind the new quests in general, I think the old +3 quest was too easy, but I don't see the harm in speeding up some of the new quests. Currently I pretty much wait to do certain quests right after a reboot, if I can, so I'm assured that the item will be there. MM


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