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Warnings and everyting around it!

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Posted by Azash on 04/14

First: I want to see a board, where I can read who got warning and why. Second: I hate imms can have pkillers here! Third: Make good rules for giving warnings to players. Forth: If imm is telling me that he has not time for me now and he or she isn't telling me after he or she did her or his things, it sucks too. Have afk message or be invis. Fifth: I don't trust some imms now, Azash!

From: Mac Sunday, April 04, 10:47AM

I reckon it'd be nifty if instead of getting warnings & eventually punished we had a jail of sorts, where you'd be muzzled and unable to do anything much for an increasing amount of time depending on how many times you've been thrown in there. I don't think people care so much about getting a warning at times when they want to let off steam but this may make them (and myself) reconsider.

From: Mac Sunday, April 04, 10:55AM

Oh and about imms having pkillers.. I don't believe any would try and gain an advantage in checking where morts pkillers are, their current health or anything but I've never liked the fact that they won't reveal details of skills and so forth.

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, April 06, 01:19PM

Yea its crap that non-imm playing pkers are forced to be at a disadvantage Also I find Rufus extremely kind in giving out details, whereas other imms can be all too close lipped. So who cares if we know the backstab formula -- big deal -- like it does anything more than make thing even! Zep

From: Sandra Tuesday, April 06, 08:13PM

This may surprise you Zep, but alot of us non-coders don't KNOW the formula for backstab, nor really care much about it. I don't know the formula for most skills, the formula for spells, or any of that other stuff that you seem to think we all know so well. How about just playing the game, instead of trying to find out what's behind it? =) -Sandra

From: Jean Wednesday, April 14, 07:25PM

Sandra writes: Aww, but i like figuring out what's behind it too, he he :-).


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