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Posted by Ma on 04/08

Just something for builders to consider.. I think the 'promoting?' of grouping to obtain good eq has been overdone somewhat lately. I know I'm not the only one that prefers soloing so how about putting some good eq on mobs that can ONLY be solo'd.. It's really the only way to ensure a challenge after all.

From: Rufus Tuesday, April 06, 01:39PM

Oddly goes against the ideals of a 'multiplayer' game, though. -Ruf

From: Wuss Tuesday, April 06, 04:03PM

Don't harp on me for giving it the pk spin again, but pk chars are pretty much designed to be self sufficient except in the case of eq-getting to be effective in 'most' pk situations. For me, the multiplayer part only comes in after you have equipped your character -- the part where i hunt ppl down, or get in groups to kill other groups. Also, this grouping to get eq thingie is a bit icky cuz it forces ppl to be online at a certain time where they can meet others -- I tend to prefer the non-spammy, non-lagged nighttime for mudding (aka the time after RL duties end) but being on the west coast that guarantees few ppl online that can actually help. wuss

From: Croaker Tuesday, April 06, 04:58PM

-point Morgawr- Croaker

From: Ma Tuesday, April 06, 10:31PM

Yeah, Morgawr's one kinda, (you can still have a healer assist) Mrti's another but still not really what I'd like to see. Something like this.. about 8 or so rooms where only 1 person can enter at a time, the mob's not agg but will hunt slowly after you attack roaring and making the rooms shake as he walks along. There's just no way out until you kill him or die trying. It'd be a challenge and the eq obtained would probably be worth more than average as there's a good chance you'll die. SL eq is worth a lot only because it takes a lot of time to obtain and it's hardly a challenge since you're not limited in the number of healers you can take along.

From: Ma Tuesday, April 06, 10:45PM

As for the multiplayer game argument, I get my kicks in other ways, such as killing other players :) I wouldn't be here if it weren't for that 'multiplayer' aspect.

From: Mariachi Wednesday, April 07, 07:09AM

while Morgawr's a good point, it still takes 3 people to get the eq. Or at least 2. -peer low spirit- who told me that was useless anyway? Mari um, not fully awake just yet so you can prolly ignore that.

From: McDonald Wednesday, April 07, 06:37PM

With the right tactics and no cheating you can get em at lvl 39. Some can anyway. solo

From: McDonald Wednesday, April 07, 06:38PM

From: Phantoom Thursday, April 08, 11:58AM

90% of mobs are soloable, no for all kind of chars. You need to have good tactic, then you can kill good mobs. My surgeon can kill Cesare and his str/con is bad. everything is tactic, you need some luck too. And if you want to solo big mobs, then make create mage and you can start soloing mobs. Phantoom


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