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Posted by Thyme on 04/10

ok, I m pissed over this. Before housing went in, these were the comments that I heard about house security: "We don't want to give clan hall guard mobs, because that only supports the big pk'ers, we want the littler people to be able to raid other clan halls also." I see no one raiding anything, at this point. Because a good door and good lock are too easy to come by, and such little rent added to the price of the house to begin with. Continually, I see pk'ers run from a fight, and hide behind what I call "super doors". You know, the kind of door that is not breakable.. the kind of door that is not phasable... and yes, the kind of door that is not pickable.. did we make these doors from some super-human matter from mars? some new alloy that I haven't heard about? please. instead of having a few safe rooms here and there for pk'ers to run to, we now have hundreds of safe rooms in each era. and I think it's pathetic, to say the least.

From: Leatherface Wednesday, April 07, 08:33PM

I agree, the doors are too strong. (and yes, they are pickable, in theory -=snicker=-) Halls and houses have turned out to be non-recall safe rooms, really, nothing more. Like Thyme said, when housing was still just an idea, people were talking about raiding clan halls, and things to that effect. It seems odd to me that one of the things I heard a lot of people talking about has been made virtually impossible. I had thought the mud was for the players, so why not cater to their wishes? ^-- in this case only, of course ;) I spend a lot of time regenerating in my hall, but I think there should be some chance at breaking in, even if it means low hp jumps. You may as well take out safe rooms, because nobody really uses them anymore. And why should they when they can just as easily use a house they can't be recalled from. (shrug again) More babbling and things I noticed from actually using the things I speak on. (peer sky ;) Leatherface.

From: Lilian Wednesday, April 07, 08:47PM

-nod- I agree...although it is nice to regen in comfort, that's what safe rooms -grin- Lily

From: Lilian Wednesday, April 07, 08:49PM

...err.that's what safe rooms are for... -scuffle-

From: Jean Wednesday, April 07, 09:10PM

even though i'm only level 2, i agree that pkers shouldn't have a safe pla place to hide in

From: Wuss Thursday, April 08, 01:37AM

It's annoying for me to hunt across the globe, get excited when a trail moves, only to find out he moved to his OTHER house :p Not only that, they can rent there too. wait 10 ticks, they can actually rent out of the game instead of dropping link or whatever, guaranteeing safe entry for them. no more of me stalking an inn for hours on end to nail that sucker that got away. doors should be pickable, to a reasonable degree. since there is nothing right now that stops the occupant of the house from spamming lock direction, the point really is moot -- if the person is in his hall, chances are you won't get in, ever. expel is too powerful too. expel should be chance based, especially unlock u for pk. expel should have a chance to fail, have skill lag be it success or failure, and probably have some bad consequences (heh, expelling yourself, stunning, getting bashed :p) wuss

From: Ma Thursday, April 08, 02:37AM

From: Ma Thursday, April 08, 02:38AM

Ahh i see my append was lost once again due to @restart-ing.. I reckon 100/100 locks should have around 20% chance of being picked. If you want more security, add another room and door in your house and sit behind that. Perhaps also you should get an alarm if the door was picked so you can at least spam back and have half a second to prepare. Also maybe you shouldn't be able to rent in your house at all, make it so you don't void or auto rent if you drop link either so you need to make an attempt to get to an inn when hunted.

From: Rufus Thursday, April 08, 08:54AM

I coded a new formula for pick-lock that should be going in sometime friday (I coded this about 3 or 4 days ago, but we only update on friday). It's probably not AS generous as it needs to be, but I'd rather creep up on the right point than swing back and forth between too easy and too hard forever. -Ruf

From: Leatherface Thursday, April 08, 03:31PM

I like the idea of more chance at picking doors, but why are they no- break again? Us big dumb hitters havn't got a chance in hell of picking someones lock, why leave us out of the fun? (pout) DESCRIMINATION!!!!! Hitters of the world revolt! We don't have to take it! ;) Leatherface.

From: Rictor Thursday, April 08, 05:39PM

Another really big problem which Wuss talked about is Expel. A few comments on this board have been about raiding clanhalls, and I'll tell you right now, I've raided two clanhalls so far and both times been expelled with my other partners and watched the one partner left get killed. I think that expel shouldnt be able to be used by anyone or on anyone thats in combat of some sort. Thats just my idea, cuz honestly people basically stopped raiding halls because of that. Sir Rictor Belmont

From: Leatherface Thursday, April 08, 10:13PM

You were in combat when expelled from my hall? (ponder) I don't think so. Your right about expel needing some changes, but I thought the combat thing you mentioned was already the way it is. Maybe not. Anyway, looks like we all agree that doors, and other housing stuff is too potent. And if your not down with that, I got 2 words for ya- Skill trees! (duck) Leatherface.

From: Ma Friday, April 09, 04:18AM

Yeah, you can't expel people while fighting now but It does seem a bit powerful, you can usually flee & come back to expel all but one poor sucker who could quite easily lose his eq when his group outnumbered the target 5:1. I guess expel just shouldn't work if both are clanned.

From: LadyAce Friday, April 09, 09:16AM

Expel while fighting was just reported to us like yesterday or the day before -- it is a bug and we are trying to fix it. Report those bugs early and often, before you get upset :) -LA

From: Wuss Friday, April 09, 01:50PM

The ability to expel should be restricted to the GM, if at all possible at clan levels. For individual houses, for pk, it should not be doable at all, imho. Most houses are pretty much deathtraps unlock u for pk. There's also quite a big problem imho that a low level char who isn't even in range could expel others from his house while healing or just watching an out-of-range fight. At least, if expel was to work, have it check the door, so that the door isn't closed or locked when expelling the person. (in pk) And, preferrably, it would make locking the door impossible for a few ticks just as if you failed a pick lock. Wuss

From: Leatherface Saturday, April 10, 07:16AM

I think expel is too powerful atm, yes. I do not think out of range PKers should be able to expel you either, and I like the GM only expel thing. But this 'no lock for a couple tics' idea is strange. Why not say what you mean and write 'just get rid of expel all together', since having to unlock your door to do it, then not being able to lock it for a while a -fter that would completely defeat the purpose of the command. It's kinda like the stun spell to me, though. It works, so who cares if it gives a big advantage? I probably won't ever use it again if some kind of penalty or no-lock/leaves-the-door-open type deal is tacked on, and really don't use it much now. It is good for letting friends/members out of the hall when you have a wolf-pack waiting outside, though. Maybe somehow have the locks put a no-expel flag on you if you pick your way into a hall/house, instead? Leatherface.


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