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Posted by Killer on 04/12

Pk'ers stop whining, if all you are here for is pk yer in the wrong place Pk was implemented to add flavor to the role-play aspect of the game Break Door people do have a disadvantage..they can stun themselves Break Door people do have a disadvantage..they can stun themselves on doors whereas people with pick lock fail...so what they can try over I'd like to see either more trapped locks or require pick tools that can be broken if you fail too badly. Next up, exp ...yes it's boring, everyone knows that, it's become all repition and I believe the immorts are already discussing ways in which to alleviate that particular problem. And another topic...Housing... as for the idea of removing safe rooms what about those rogue pkenabled chars that don't want to spend all their time making money to pay for a house...or those pk'ers that are role-playing homeless vagabonds? I suppose they should just be sacrificed to the wolves because they aren't going with the mainline housing people? And lastly Mobs...I agree there should be more mobs that people can solo even being a "Multiplayer" game when roleplaying a lone-wolf character it makes getting things Very difficult. I personally wanna know what happened to Ptah's idea about making it so characters could make their own equipment. I also do not believe in an area where a lvl 50 character cannot go and explore solo. I mean, what's the extra work for to get to 50th when 45-49 is just the same... I think lvl 50 chars should be able to go ANYWHERE on the MUD safely, not neccessarily take any mobile solo, but to be able to explore the MUD fully without worry of being jumped by mobiles. There's my 2 cents Killer

From: Luna Thursday, April 08, 11:23PM

Damn right!

From: Wuss Friday, April 09, 12:03AM

laugh, excuse me, but hahahah. i don't care what the original intention of allowing pk was. the simple fact is, just like anything else that happens in the real world, intention and purpose is not the solution to a problem. harp on the purpose all you want, that only reiterates the problem. as far as "RP" goes -- why, i don't know where you do your rp, i haven't seen you online ever, nor do i hear you on channels other than asking for yourself to be a hol mob -- or at least advertising that you will be, which, in my view, isn't close to RP. the fact is, if you want RP, do it. just because the rest of the world does not RP, it doesn't mean you can't, or even actually hinder it unduly. you can't expect the world to fall into the right places just because you decided to RP a "super-scary-ever-victorious-druid" or something (not that you are, just making an example). If the world doesn't suit your needs, it's obvious as to who has to change -- that being you. on the other hand, in case of pk the problems involve balance in coding, not just player behavior. when we "whine" "complain" we are pointing out things that we see as an imbalance to the, gasp, GAME. if you wanted to re-enact your real life fantasies here without getting bothered -- start typing on your own computer, write a novel -- wrong place to be when you expect that from a multiplayer environment. Wuss

From: Diamond Friday, April 09, 10:30AM

You do have a very rude and unpleasant way to put things, Wuss. What the intentions was/is with pkill does matter, no matter how you view it. As you say, this is a game, and it is run by the imms. If they see something way off what it was intended to be, they will either change or remove it. Simple fact. Besides, when playing here, you should have the courtesy, along with all the rest of us, to take a little consideration to the imms. They built the place, and their intents should be followed, as they know what they meant it for. About Killer's RP...So if you do not see people RP, they simply do not RP? Wow, I was always amazed at the people who thought that roleplay was only possible on channels. And please, all, remember that this is only a game. It is supposed to be fun for everyone. So let's all calm a little down and respect that not everyone has the same ideas about how to have fun, and not everyone needs to do the same things on Legend, or needs to stop doing something they consider fun, which you consider ridiculous.

From: Wuss Friday, April 09, 01:46PM

If their RP is not on channels, then why bother complaining about what others use of channels are? Half the so-called "whining" and complaining probably takes place on channels. And looking at intentions is like living in the past. The problem is here and now, and returning to the past won't solve a thing. Why, shall we dwell over why adam and eve chose to eat the fruit of knowledge? Forgive me for not being well-versed in other creation myths, but i'm sure as hell we could dwell on some other mistake or intention in the past instead of dealing with the now. Happy mudding in the past. wuss

From: Diamond Saturday, April 10, 01:00AM

And why not used the proper channels for whining and complaining? Using Typo, Bug, Idea, mudmail or the boards is probably more likely to reach the imms, instead of whining on channels? Btw, intents does mean something, no matter how old they are, if the situation can be changed to fulfill the intents.

From: KaosLord Saturday, April 10, 03:00AM

I think RP and PK are both usefull in a agme such as this. But, I think being able to just jump someone while they are part of a group is unfair because most people do it while there victum is already fighting. What should be done is a person must agree to a duel or their clans must be at war. As for the "Lone Wolf" character type That person should be the only type that you could just jump. I mean, The point of a clan is for protection right? Well, that all makes sence to me. If it dont to you I dont really mind. Im a newbie anyways and Im ju putting my two cents in. putting my two cents in. KaosLord

From: Ma Saturday, April 10, 03:21AM

It should would be nice for their to be a real purpose in pkill, everyone asks "why'd you attack me" blah blah. Perhaps there should be reward in doing so, allow GMs to build fortresses etc which contains something other clans will want. It could be a banner/light source or even gold which could be stored physically in chests correlating to the clans account.

From: Ma Saturday, April 10, 03:30AM

Mmm, could even have items which reduce the cost of the house which it rests in.. I guess it wouldn't be too hard to implement. Better still, make vineyards and so forth actually earn money! Then you could build towers & hire mobs to protect it, if over run by another clan it'd be transfered into their name and they have the option to keep or demolish it.

From: Killer Sunday, April 11, 01:04AM

-peer Ma- There is a purpose to pk, reread my post because you apparently missed a whole section explaining pk was installed to assist in the rp aspect of the MUD. Personally with recent events I'm all for revoting for Ptah just to rip it out like he wanted to do.

From: Wuss Sunday, April 11, 05:07AM

There is no purpose to pk other than for the sheer enjoyment of it. Period. If you don't enjoy pk, there's not a whit of a reason to enable. RP? Give me a break, you can RP just fine with a lvl 1 char, so why not with an unclanned char? If you don't like pk, don't enable. It doesn't hurt your rp at all to be not enabled. Why do you bother asking for something to be ripped out if it's unlock u in your decision entirely to completely utterly stay out of it? Not to mention all sources of "complaints" have an option that allows you to tune it out. And if anyone is whining, it's the non-pkers. Compared to the amount of generic whine regarding eqs, quest hints, mob hints, xp requests, lag complaints... geez, pk complaints don't even make up for a good 10% of that. wuss

From: Ton Sunday, April 11, 01:08PM

While I don't totally agree with Wuss's statement that RP can't be enhanced by being pkill, the rest is dead on. Pkillers are not the ones that are doing the whining these days, not at all. In fact, more than half of the PKILL related whining comes from non-pk. Maybe it was added to enhance RP, and for some, it still does that. But you can't live in the past, pkill changes as the mud chages, as the players change, and as the rules, code, and areas change. To expect after 4 years that pkill stayed exactly the same as when it was put in is idiocy, things change. Its called evolution (baby) and in my opinion that is one of the things that makes this mud stand out from a lot of others, everything evolves. Everything is enhanced with time (some things we like, some we don't) but the addition of things like damage to eq, housing, radically different hometowns, moods and dozens of other things are features, not mistakes. Pkill is not what it was 1 year ago, or 5 years ago, In 1 year it won't be the same as it is now, and people have to realize that it is going to change constantly. The direction of that change can be partially determined by the players and imms, but its too dynamic to point in a direction, and say "pkill go there". Too many minds involves, and too much change in the areas surrounding pkill to be able to expect that to happen. Ton - tired of whining in general

From: Leatherface Sunday, April 11, 05:08PM

What you should have said, instead of 'I think Ptah should rip out PK' is lets drive half (at the very least) the player base off the mud. Yeah, good idea there genius. That is as extreme as saying 'lets make the whole mud PK', only you probably wouldn't lose nearly as many players if you did that. Intent, purposes, blah blah "blinkin" blah. The mud is here for the players, no? So what the hell is wrong with hearing what we want to see happen, hmmm? As for 'PKers being in the wrong place' the mud is what WE make it, and if you don't like what ALL of us, including non-pk chars and imms have shaped the mud into, YOU are in the wrong place. As for that 'no more agg mobs' idea of yours, I don't expect to see you get very much support for that one. (laugh) You chastise us killers for expressing our views, and in the same post express your own on the subject. I could care less about anything else you have to say, this post proving to me that you have a shallow and one sided view of things. Leatherface.

From: KaosLord Sunday, April 11, 10:19PM

Leatherface, what he said genius is that we should revote Ptah's motion to rip out PK. Get it right and learn to read bofore you start tearing people down man. You look smarter that way. KaosLord

From: Luna Monday, April 12, 03:21PM

I have an idea. Why dont we just revote Ptah's motion to rip out PK all together! But, to make it so that people dont just start making first level character to vate limit the vote to people over 10th level and a certain amount of play time. If the motion is knocked down again then so be it and PK will stay. Sound workable to anybody else? Append if ya think it will work. Luna Bloodstone

From: Luna Monday, April 12, 03:24PM


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