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Posted by Deft on 04/14

I just fought three rounds with a create mage that had a flame sword and flamestriked too, and he damage so much stuff, that I just ran. I worked too hard for my eq to lose it to some harsh code. On top of it, there is no tf mob, or anything. But forget that, with that much flaming in a fight, my eq could easily go from perfect to destroyed. So I have a suggestion... Maybe we could make it so that eq damage in pkill goes to falling apart but does not get destroyed. It kind of sucks to have hard to get items and strings destroyed from perfect cause your fighting someone with flaming shrouds and shields swords and flamestriking as well. I dont feeling like these people are better fighters, but they will make me run every time cause I just dont want to lose my eq. So consider making it so that items damage in pkill (where most the damage seems to happen) go to falling apart, but never get destroyed, and could only get destroyed in mobkill. This way, the attacker still enjoys the ac advantage from ravaging someones eq, but doesnt destroy hard to get items. Untill then, I intend to run fast from people that damage that much, its kind of sucks, but I just dont want to lose my eq. Personally, I never understood the point of items getting damaged so easily in the first place, it doesnt really take much skill, and its just plain frustrating, and not a very interesting game feature. -shrug- Deft be nimble, Deft be quick, Deft runs away so fire wont damage his ----!

From: Deft Saturday, April 10, 04:14PM

I was just thinking, you could even make it so that instead of getting destroyed, the eq becomes "unwearable" and goes to inventory, until it is fixed, this keeps the feature useful without removing it, but makes it a bit less frustrating in a mud where good eq is such a chore to get, and often unreplacable one-time quest eq. Deft

From: Ronnie Saturday, April 10, 07:42PM

Or at least make scraps able to be restrung for strung equipment

From: Fright Saturday, April 10, 08:30PM

If you keep an eye on things every once in a while, they don't get in danger of scrapping very often. And with more and more eq being mendable and repairable instead of tf, its even easier to get thing repaired. Realism isn't often an issue here, but I think that eq damage could be upped if we were considering realism. Its not often that you can get killed by sword blows and not have it touch anything you are wearing. Ditto with fire, and daggers, and on more solid objects, staves as well. Being able to tf isn't as much as an advantage as it once was, even though I can mend as well, there are still items I have that I have to seek out someone from klein to fix. Face it, you can't have everything, repair, mend and tf... no matter where you are from. Another point, I have been playing here a long time, and I remember very few instances of eq getting scrapped in only 1 fight. It doesn't happen often, considering the heaps of damage that people take around here. Fright

From: Wuss Sunday, April 11, 05:12AM

Mmm. I've had eq EASILY scrap in one stunned round, and that's not even from mages -- Nosferatu scrapped my ring of poets in one round, and vanion scrapped my tunic of flame in one round, both from perfect to kaboom. It's pretty silly imho that supposedly all damage-dealing spells are supposed to damage eq, yet i've not seen harm and wither damage eq yet, altho their damage is quite harsh (in some cases fairly close to that from immolate). Considering then, that it's mostly fire and sheer damage from a weapon that kills eq, there should be an herb at least that can be brewed to give one protection from fire -- and have it actually prevent eq damage -- right now, it only seems to make it less likely to catch aflame. Tfable and mendable, repairable eq is not too bad if you get it damaged, but there are heaps and heaps of non-repairable eq out there, a lot of which make it to fighters' eq lists. I am equipped with 5 pieces of gear that cannot be fixed, and with the exception of just one of those pieces, they mostly involve quite a long time of work to get them replaced. And they can easily be damaged from full to falling apart in one fight -- I had 3 of them go from slightly to heavily in two immolates. wuss

From: Mac Sunday, April 11, 08:34AM

Yeah, I haven't had stuff scrap from 1 hit but just 2 hits on one item in a fight has scrapped my eq. I think Deft has a good idea in limiting damage to falling apart and possibly putting it in your inventory as to act if scrapped.

From: Leatherface Sunday, April 11, 04:27PM

Since realism isn't the qeustion here, why is eq damaged at all? It is like xp, ecept that there is no real need for it. It just takes up time and effort to get new stuff, or repaif/mend/tform it, and really who wants to spend their time here like that when they could be out killing and stuff. It's pretty much just PKers complaining about this, because in mob kill you arn't normally gonna fight something that kills your eq like another char does. I have gone from perfect eq (except for my no-repair items) to 4 slightly, 3 moderate, 2 heavy and 1 falling apart, not to mention my scrapped horse collar. The 'no-scrap' idea is good, but I still don't get the eq dam in the first place. It really dosn't add to the game, just gives you another mundane task to acomplish before you can star doing what you came here to do once more. Fire damage is INSANE, though. My skullstaff damaged about 3 items per flamestrike when I had it, and that was weak compared to immolates. Now, that staff only went off once or twice a fight, but someone like Marcel, or Shino_Kage who immolate every skill round can nearly destroy a set of eq. That takes a lot of fun out of it, and I don't fight Marcel anymore because I would rather play than constantly get new eq. Maybe you imms already do, but I suggest you make a char and try going against someone like that. See how quickly your stuff scraps, it really is as bad as people make it out to be. (Flaming) Leatherface. (heavily damaged ;)

From: Violence Sunday, April 11, 05:12PM

Hmm just my 2 cents ont his, rather than have all equipment be unscrapable, how about just hte equipment that cant be TFed, Repaired or Mended as unscrapable? I personally cant undertsnad why any eq here cant be fixed at least one of those ways but such if life. Violence

From: Wuss Sunday, April 11, 06:21PM

The way I see it, damage of eq is like loss of xp, just another cost of maintaining a character, be it pk or non-pk -- but way too high for pkers. The mobs that come even CLOSE to pk damage are those that aren't 'practically' solo-able, and they are worth heaps of xp. Raise the xp given in pk to such comparable levels, and i'd be more than willing to deem eq damage from pk reasonable. But aside that, eq damage needs to be toned down to non-pk levels, spells shouldn't do damage, not all slots should be damaged (since most of the 'new' damagable slots mostly turn out to be tf or no-repair) and regardless of rent, those eq found in a 'harder' mob should be sturdy to begin with. I don't expect everything to be as sturdy as the twice smelted maclir or the shield of nucklavee hide, but it would be nice if they at least could be sturdier than the stinking flame tunics. wuss

From: Nothing Monday, April 12, 08:50AM

While I don't agree with taking out eq damage for spells completely, I do agree that the fire spells damage too much eq. It'd be nice if items that shouldn't be damaged by fire (metal things, or whatever) shouldn't be affected by fire, but still be damaged in normal fight rounds. I'm just like the most of you in that I'd run from a person who just tries to trash my eq rather than stay and fight. -Nothing

From: LadyAce Monday, April 12, 09:23AM

I'm not sure if item damage by fire is too high, it may also be an issue of what eq you are wearing. Each item has a specific material type, which changes its cost as well as its performance -- currently you only really see that performance when you are trying to fix it, or under attack from fire, but I personally would like to see that change. There's a way for builders to set items to 'INFLAMMABLE' and I personally would like to see the material being worn, matter a little bit more -- since you're paying for it and since we went and coded materials types already, good to have them mean something etc. So, while the coders are working on the various formulas for the various things, don't forget that you do have the option to steer your items towards those which can handle more damage. Oh, actually, another thought (ramble ramble) -- there seems to be two kinds of people who look for things to be fixed, i.e. those who ask about something the minute it gets a scratch on it, and people who consistenly wait until half their stuff is nearly scrap. I agree that sometimes items go from perfect to ruined, and that does seem like a bit much, particularly in pk situations, since there's less opportunity to take off, fix stuff, and come back in. Oh and another thing. Protection from fire spell. Last I heard this didn't just protect your skin, it protected the stuff that protects your skin. :) -LA

From: Wuss Monday, April 12, 07:08PM

Like i pointed out, that spell doesn't prevent gear from getting damaged, nor does it reduce that effect dramatically -- what it does seem to prevent is gear catching fire. That's a relatively small gain seeing as to how three pieces of gear gets damaged for every piece that catches on fire. Wuss

From: Rufus Wednesday, April 14, 08:49AM

I made some adjustments in that spell yesterday. It should provide significantly better protection against most fire-based attacks (I'm not sure if I got all the code instances of people's gear being damaged by fire-attacks yet). -Ruf

From: Wuss Wednesday, April 14, 04:33PM

Heh. i'd me more than glad to check that spell out in a testmud and stuff, but, uhm, don't harp on me for being more than a bit testy to throw myself against an immolator :p Wuss


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