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Posted by Lessa on 04/14

It seems a little odd to me that the warning given for OOC harrassment is more severe than warnings given for lewd behaviour and sexual harrassment. So saying, 'You are obviously just an immature kid releasing your teen angst on Legend' is WORSE than saying, 'Hey baby, you sexy -expletive- I wanna -expletive- you in your -expletive-!' It seems a little unbalanced to me. Thoughts?

From: Sandra Monday, April 12, 02:58PM

Not hardly. Reread it: OOC harassment(rude comments against the player of a character, a pattern extreme rudeness against a specific char or player that carries across chars, real life threats against a player). and general harassment(sexual or leud comments, sexual or racial slurs), intentionally placing someone over rent, multiplaying, swapping equipment Though depending on the comment, a 'sexual harassment' could be constitute as OOC and punished accordingly.

From: Luna Monday, April 12, 03:27PM

Those people should be kicked of Legend altogether!

From: McDonald Monday, April 12, 11:55PM

But they are only hypothetical people Luna :P

From: Luna Tuesday, April 13, 03:14AM

Nuke em all! =P

From: Diamond Tuesday, April 13, 07:46AM

Since the talk is about warnings anyway, I would like to ask if it would not be appropriate with a small rule change. It is illegal to swear on channels and in yells, but not in the room one is in. That doesn't seem to make much sense. Shouldn't it be changed, so swear words is illegal no matter where they appear? Diamond of Kleinstadt

From: Mac Tuesday, April 13, 09:49AM

It depends on the individual what punishment is dished out. When I decided to quit I harrassed a couple of people and was site banned and had all my characters deleted. When I was caught exchanging eq between characters both were deleted. Some people get warnings, some get shafted, it's just the way it is. -shrug-

From: Sandra Tuesday, April 13, 11:26AM

No, most get the same punishment unless they're repeat offenders. We're not going to just slap you on the wrist each and every time we catch you doing something illegal.

From: Mac Tuesday, April 13, 01:06PM

I still missed out on my slap on the wrist! I was given a good whooping (ie. deletions) the first and every other time I broke the silly rules.

From: Mice Tuesday, April 13, 02:33PM

In response to Diamond's post (since noone else has responded to it): I disagree wholeheartedly. I can be sitting in a room with someone I know well - possibly talking ooc, and, just as an example, am extremely angry with someone. We're talking in says and talks (maybe to use moods), and are swearing. Both of us are comfortable with the profanity but then you walk into the room and are "subjected" to some of these "harsh" words. What then? If profanity were to become illegal via talks and says, it would then go to being illegal in group tells, and gosh, there have been times where I've been SO extremely upset, I would then be rendered unable to explain my feelings except with a couple of pathetic screams and ARGHs. Really doesn't help me vent my anger at that point when all I may need to say is a single 4-letter swear word. As in tells, you can simply ask the person to refrain from using that sort of language, or - if it's somewhere YOU don't need to be - leave the room. We've got enough restrictions regarding language as it is, why implement more? Why can we not be mature about the fact that profanity gets used whether we like it or not and either a) live with it and turn your head when it is used and let it slide by, or b) remove yourself from the situation? Mice's player

From: Diamond Tuesday, April 13, 03:23PM

I agree with you, Lady Mice, except that very young people play on this mud too. And instead of saying "Hey, you just need to leave the room", why not stop profanity? It is easier, it is more polite, and noone will argue if someone uses it in private tells. Why do people need to say it out loud, when a thing like tells or gtells exist? I can easily imagine young people being disallowed to be here due to the language, if for example their parents wants to see what a mud is, and all they see is profanity. If you think it is to be allowed in rooms, how come you do not think it needs to be allowed on channels? It is kinda the same thing. And noone said anything about grouptells, as long as all parties in the group agrees that profanity is being used. And since "being mature" has come up...Why can't people just be mature enough to avoid profanity? Diamond of Kleinstadt

From: Craven Tuesday, April 13, 06:10PM

Maybe to some people "profanity" isn't immature. Personally its just another way to express myself, and I laugh at anyone who is offended by it. Yea, I'm not very old, I'm 18, and ya know what? I knew all the swear words I know now when I was 7. Its not like they've never heard them, and like Mice said, if you don't want to hear em, leave. I personally am sick of all these whiners that bitch at the slightest thing. Its freakin swearing, and your bitching about it disrupting the game and being immature blah blah blah. I have one thing to say, I don't impose my views and opionons on your and I damn sure am not going to accept you imposing yours on me. The server is based in the good 'ole USA, and in the USA, EVERYONE'S rights are considered, not just yours. When you can easily remove yourself or ignore it instead of trying to live in a fantasy land where everyone is a happy little elf and no bad ever happens, I think you should just ignore it or move. You have your freedom, stop trying to take mine. (and anyone else who swears) -Craven

From: Mac Wednesday, April 14, 02:28AM

Well yeah, I doubt it offends anyone but some seem concerned about young ppl seeing it and others don't want their parents to see it. I fall into the 2nd category which is why I don't let them near the computer. :)

From: Diamond Wednesday, April 14, 09:39AM

Agreed, Craven, you have a right to say what you want. But is there some kind of major problem involved in typing "tell" or "gtell" instead of "say" or "talk"? Swear words can cause young people to abandon the mud/being forced off by parents or whatever, so why not just avoid it? You never thought about why news-speakers don't swear like you do? Having the right to do something is not the same as abusing that right. Diamond of Kleinstadt


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