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a more economical society..

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Posted by Jean on 04/15

in almost all ages after the cavemen, there was an agrarian component to living, not just a hunting one. I was hoping that a farm where players could go and dig, plant and pull up fruits and vegetables could be made- the players, after their effort, could sell their produce to the local market. Im not expecting the produce to sell for much.. 1 or 2 pieces of gold each would be fine if it didnt take -too- long to grow the produce. once the produce is planted, it could act like a players equipment, so that non pkable characters couldnt have their crops stolen right before they were ripe. Id also like to make another point- in any society, people didnt just go killing just about everything that was weaker then them and then leaving it there to rot- i know that things decompose extra fast on muds, but in real life, what wed have is one stinky mess :-p. Personally, I havent tried eating an item with the carving skill alone- in real life, that would be pretty nasty :-p. Even in medieval times, most people cooked their foods; even a level 1 should be able to know how to do -that-, if perhaps, not that well. atleast having that skill would make it more likely that people would waste not.

From: Wuss Tuesday, April 13, 07:29PM

You can learn to cook at level 2. You can sell certain edible items to shopkeepers -- but they probably won't buy anything that they don't consider worthy of resale, which is probably true in any economy. Considering also, that owning land here is a VERY costly option, not to mention a garden -- such crops would be an inefficient way to make money -- not to mention highly unrealistic considering the time spent growing them. Of course, with such high costs, probability of resale would be next to none when a good meal only costs 4-5 coins. Wuss

From: Jean Wednesday, April 14, 12:20PM

Wuss writes: apparently, at level 1, I already have the ability to learn it. However, I think it would be better if it were an inate skill so that people used it more- or does practice cooking? you can usually make some money selling cooked meat, as any hot dog vendor could tell you (and whats in hot dogs can be -nasty- :-p). im thinking of some communal land thats -free-. the time spent growing them could be a tick or 2- maybe one would have to unweed them while they were growing.. and not always prove successful, therefore ruined crops, he :-). im not saying itd be a great money making venture. I just think that selling crops is a more realistic way of making money then finding coins on just about any mobile around.

From: Heretic Wednesday, April 14, 04:26PM

You should also be able to cook the fish that you caught. heretic, one and only.

From: Wuss Wednesday, April 14, 04:26PM

Not just any mobile has coins, as animals in this mud rarely carry any cash -- some do, but they're mythical to begin with. As far as sitting around unweeding to make a few bucks, and communal land that's free -- in terms of overhead, that'd be adding too much (imho) to system resources that is too easily accessed by players who don't inves as much time on the game. Moreover, it's a solitary adventure that distances players from each other (let me grow crops, i have to watch weeds!!!) or something that probably won't add to the player relations scheme. But in my opinion, and no, i'm not even cloooooose to an immortal or somebody whose opinion actually counts for something :p it may be nifty for the first 5 minutes or so, but chances are you'll ditch it for another interesting activity or for the sake of socialization or whatever else that may prove equally enticing -- all without the trouble of additional code. As far as my resale points go -- my answer is pretty simple -- find hot dog vendors, and sell them cooked meat -- if you can't, well, they ain't hot dog vendors, and they don't like what you've got :p Wuss

From: Jean Thursday, April 15, 05:23PM

heretic writes: Sure- as long as you're in a boat and have a little frying grill (i can't quite see kindling in a boat :-p, or if you're flying, then a cooking spell might be in order :-).

From: Jean Thursday, April 15, 05:50PM

Wuss writes: Doh. Heres where my lack of knowledge of this particular mud can hurt me, he :-p. but itd be -part- of the game. i dont know how much system resources would be needed, but i fail to see how it could be more then a mob- in fact, id argue that itd be -less-, since weeds cant chase you :-p. lol :-). well, maybe there could be different parts to it.. now heres where i -wish- i knew something about farming.. well, i might actually farm this summer, so ill be able to tell you more about how 2 people can work together on a farm, he :-). lol :-). what, like xping? spare me, he he :-). I think itd just be nice when a low levellers down on money and would like to make a little quick cash :-). well, if i was a programmer, id be interested in coding for the sake of making things more interesting, if only for some.. lol :-). just hoping you know that i have no idea if there are actually hot dog vendors on here- i was just thinking of real life, he :-). in any case, this brings up something else- if you butcher up, say, a wild boar, you should be able to get more then one steak out of the thing- you should get, what, 10 or so? i mean, a boar is a -big- animal :-p. I can just imagine how many steaks a -cow- or oxen would make, he :-).


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