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Posted by Jean on 04/22

(1) make atleast one kind of body holster in a new slot called "add on" to hold all the various things that we're not wearing and decrease the amount of things you can hold somehow to a lot less than present. it seems absurd that someone can carry even 5 loaves or bread or even different pieces of armor somehow. i think a body holster should be given to all newbies and available at the general store for a minimal price. (2) i've seen code (on a mud that went down- the cage) where there's an NPC (or mob) that auctions items for people, provided they have enough cash in the bank to do it. the NPC never lies as to the qualities of an item either. however, to prevent people from using it as a cheap way to get ids (by auctioning something to find out its stats and then just buying it from themselves :-p), the fee for putting something on auction could be a few hundred gold so that the high level identification spell doesnt become one no one uses anymore. (3) create a separate mailing list for people who want to trade, sell or buy wares (basically an auction, with the add on of people just asking for things). now that im thinking of mailing lists, how about a mailing list to discuss things? an immortal told me how she didnt like reading the legend web board and its clear that more people read the mud boards then the web board, but mud boards can be a real pain, especially if you can only input one line at a time and cant talk to anyone else until youre finished. (4) make a new slot for a weapon sheath or holder- even in medieval times, most people didnt have weapon in hand at all times. personally, i think there should be different weapon holders, 'cause there's different types of weapons. and magical weapon holders that give, say, an extra damage point or 2 if the weapons been in its holster long enough would be good too :-). (5 & 6) these ideas i got from the mud "valhalla.com" (port 4242), where some of the original coders of diku still code :-). the idea is to make equipment that can't fit everyone. this is just another of those realism details- someone whos 411 isn't going to wear the same stuff as someone whos 6 5. however, certain items, such as jewellery, could be resized if a new skill were to be introduced for this purpose as they introduced on valhalla. another thing is that certain hard to get clothes and such for high levels could have a magical feature that it magically becomes the right size for the user. well, thank you for your time :-).

From: Wuss Tuesday, April 13, 07:33PM

We have those, they're called bags, backpacks, pouches, or even top-hats. The NPC auction thing we had once, sort of, but was removed due to people using it to transfer gold and eq across time and space. Some RPers also prefer not to discuss exact amount of stats, and find it another venue in which they can explore/express their character by being obscure. Mailing lists are replaced here by these discussion boards, and last I checked it wasn't against the rules to maintain a mailing list on your own to promote discussion. You can keep the weapon in the inventory, and "draw" it before combat if you know the skill, or simply wield it before combat. You can also string a bag into a sheath (hrm, a cool restring idea) and get it from the bag, then wield it -- but as i've found out trying to 'rp' that part of realism (i've actually done it with my first pker) that it quickly makes way when it isn't practical to keep drawing weapons. But there are ways you can go around doing that under the current system, including the almighty emote. We haven't even managed to balance the char types in terms of the stats, hometowns, and schools of spells they choose to use -- and adding more such restrictions and features would only further compound the matter. Al so, this is a classless mud, which means as little restriction as possible to chars in terms of eq (at least) they can wear that depends on things one cannot change after they've been created. Thus we have align based eq, but no eq based on gender, hometown, or level. Wuss

From: Enigo Tuesday, April 13, 07:47PM

In addition to everything already mentioned, we've got lots of places to p ut weapons when you aren't using them. You can find baldrics for swords, holsters for guns, etc. As far as eq that doesn't fit everyone, there is a little of that based on strength. A weakling can't use a great sword. Anything else would requre each character having a physical descrip that depended on numbers instead of something written, whic is much better as it offers more flexibility and allows for changes to be made in the character.

From: Jean Wednesday, April 14, 03:26PM

Wuss writes: when you put things into bags and backpacks, you cant see them in your inventory directly- you have to look in the bag or backpack. furthermore, one can still have an inordinate amount of things that one supposedly holds while doing battle with just about anything. For one thing, I think that ones effectiveness in battle should be -seriously- encumbered if one is carrying items like canoes or a bunch of smaller things, chuckle :-p. the solution for boats is that you automatically put them down when you go into battle and pick automatically pick them up when you finish or flee. the solution for the little items is that instead of them just hanging somewhere in inventory most, if not all, of them should be in a body holster- the items contained within the body holster should be able to be seen when just typing i (inventory); the description should look something like: You are carrying: a body holster, which contains: a backpack a bag loaf of bread (3) -That- is far more realistic then having these things basically magically floating around a persons body (unless the person had lots of extra hands :-p). Whats so bad about transferring through space and time? But even if thats out of the question, why not just code different NPC auctions for different regions of time and space? Yeah well, the wouldn't have to use the auctioneer- Unlike them though, I dont mind those kind of things being easily seen- in fact, i welcome it :-). i know.. just that its kinda hard to post here for some people (like me :-)). yeah, but i use netscape 3.0 for mail and its mailing list maker is pretty crummy, he :-p. i dont know how to make one other then that one either. maybe ill figure it out one day though. In the meantime, I was hoping that perhaps one could read certain boards anywhere? By say, typing "discuss board", you'd be able to automatically read the ooc discussion board, wherever you were. Its just that sometimes other people are passing through certain board rooms.. just can be distracting.. id like to find a nice quiet place to read and write to them. another thing is when people tell you or something, as just happened to me a bit ago, you just can't respond while you're writing a board message; i think there should be a way of postponing writing my message so i could reply to them and then resume. whats the advantage of having this skill besides the look? disadvantageous if you come upon an agg mob that attacks first. If one were to automatically wear ones weapon every time one was attacked though, it would be ok.. still, that wouldnt provide a sheath.. Yeah, but i was hoping for something more then emote, he :-). After all, if someone where to look at you, they'd see that your weapon was always wielded and that you had no sheath. Another thing is that in real life ones arm would get mighty tired just holding a weapon out all the time like that. Well, perhaps we need more coders, he :-). i dont mind that- in fact, i like that quite a bit :-). just maybe having different eq sizes for some eq.. which, ofcourse, would necessitate that people are a distinct size.. well, just ideas :-). yeah, i think thats good :-). Perhaps if variables of age (within limits) and starting height (within limits) were added, people could grow given a certain amount of time.

From: Jean Wednesday, April 14, 04:07PM

Enigo writes: yeah, i think thats good :-). Perhaps if variables of age (within limits) and starting height (within limits) were added, people could grow given a certain amount of time.

From: Jean

From: Wuss Wednesday, April 14, 04:17PM


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