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Posted by Jean on 04/14

I know that you can type who and get everyone- but that list is -too- big. Alternatively, you can type who a or who b, but then the list can be too small. What Id like is to have is to be able to do what you can do on tfc (mud.primenet.com, port 4000), only there, they do it with levels- basically, being able to type who a f and getting everyone whos first name starts with the letter in between and including a and f.

From: Wuss Tuesday, April 13, 07:41PM

You can type "whos" to get a listing similar to dir/w or ls. Screenlen is also an easy way to restrict the amount of information displayed on the screen (esp when typing who), as is backscroll if you have it. who a f seems a nifty idea, tho. Wuss

From: Jean Wednesday, April 14, 12:31PM

Wuss writes: well, that one's interesting, but i don't like having to look across and then down like i was a typewriter doing that "go down one line and left all the way". and it's a heck of a lot of names. my screenlen is fine- it's just that i have to get all those continues that annoys me- if i could just have one screenlength and then stop it'd be nice. scrolling back? that can take away from gameplay, as i'd have to freeze my screen and therefore not get hear tells until i unfreeze it. :-).

From: Wuss Wednesday, April 14, 04:31PM

It's a cost/benefit scheme. You can already restrict information by typing who a, who b, who c, get the whole shebang with the titles with who, or get a dir/w listing with whos. And since we are human, we tend to evolve into the display and many other conditions given in the game -- supposedly our qwerty keyboard isn't even natural nor efficient, but there are a ton of us that type 40 wpm+. Wuss

From: Jean Wednesday, April 14, 07:20PM

Wuss writes: In the case of the keyboard, its somewhat difficult to change, because lots of people (including me) learned how to touch type on a qwerty keyboard and changing the keys around would mean having to relearn where all the keys are. Nevertheless, Im considering buying a Dvorak keyboard, a keyboard that is far more efficient because although im sure i can type 40 wpm+, i wouldnt mind typing 60 wpm+, he :-). However, in the case of the who a f thing, it doesnt require any changes on anyone who doesnt want features changed- they just dont have to use it. Meanwhile, Ill be quite happy, he :-).


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