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Posted by Wuss on 04/29

Can we PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSE extend gag to include channels, or have it an option to include channels?

From: Yi Tuesday, April 13, 09:46PM

You can probably set up your client to gag any text coming in from a certain character.

From: T'Zarlen Tuesday, April 13, 11:05PM

This might be a nice idea for those of us who do not have clients able to do this. However, it is already possible to configure the info channel so that you only see level and death messages and nothing else (by turning seedeath and seelevel on but turning the channel off). So unless you want to see some people's comments and not others, I don't really see the triggers are such a problem.

From: T'Zarlen Tuesday, April 13, 11:07PM

Actually I'm not sure whether you still see levels with the channels off, but you do with deaths.

From: Lethargio Wednesday, April 14, 12:02AM

hmm, I don't know why you would want to do that...if you eliminate one per son's info or chat message then there might be 'holes' where it seems as if a character is talking to nobody...if you don't want to listen to a certain person, you might as either just ignore or turn off the chann el all together. If the person is being _that_ spammy, i'm sure others wil l tell'em to shut up.

From: Wuss Wednesday, April 14, 03:56PM

If you haven't noticed, info is the channel a lot of people use in order to exchange information over a recent death or a level, especially in pk or areas such as SL. I can't afford to have it turned off since a lot of the urgent help requests and such come from the info channel, as does interesting new facts -- Ceri's triggers apply to none, but clutter up the channel whenever somebody's info goes off. Sandra, you say that it is no longer a problem now -- and i remind you of the logic i've used before. All it takes for it to be spammy again is for people to do the same thing -- and as Ceri proved, it's not that hard a thing to do. Heck, we could simply have triggers go off for various things -- praises, for example, which aren't varied -- and cause just the same amount of spam we had from before. The bottom line is that people would like to use the channel without having it spammed by some thoughtless bot that is afk in ooc. If anything, at least restrict channel usage while ooc -- not being able to use info (speaking thru it, not receiving) would be more than dandy for me. Wuss

From: Ton Wednesday, April 14, 05:03PM

Yeah, I can attest to the fact that Ceri is OOC a lot, having tried to talk to her on a couple of occasions and never getting a responce. I would like to see the changes in the area of people being connected for hours upon hours while afk, than necessarily to the info's specifically. No one gains by having players connected 24 hours a day while not there, but problems sure seem to arise. (this now, riptide before, and I am sure at some point the create mages will get into trouble from what they are doing too)

From: Celeste Friday, April 16, 11:56AM

I'd love gag to extend to channels. And boards. Ces


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