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Posted by Yi on 04/22

Does anyone know of a decent freeware ping utility for macs? I'm running 7.52, so can't use anything that uses any of that sneaky OS8 open transport stuff. I don't trust it, I don't! Oh, and I know Vandervecken posted a website a while back, but my browser didn't wanna go there, so...any suggestions?

From: Jean Thursday, April 15, 12:42AM

Well, i use OS8 and it seems fine to me, he :-). except for the fact that i can't use my dialup modem now that my cable modem is installed.. hm, he he :-p. well, i don't know of a ping utility off the op of my head, but you checked tucows or www.download.com? they might have something for you.. anyways, i didn't know you were a mac user yi :-). so tell me, you -must- be using rapscallion, right? trust me, it's the best mac mud client hands down :-). savitar doesn't even come close and mudweller.. well, even -tucows- knows that mudweller is worse, he :-p.

From: Yi Thursday, April 15, 01:09AM

Actually, I use Savitar and like it just fine :P

From: Jean Thursday, April 15, 12:06PM

Oh god Yi, -trust- me, Rapscallion is a -million- times better- i used Savitar a little.. when i couldn't use Rapscallion because it'd managed to actually stop working after its 30 day trial period (i'd been fooling it before :-p.) and god was that terrible. If you get Rapscallion, not only can i teach you how to use it, I can give you my aliases, triggers, journeys and what i'm working on with variables (i must admit, variables even scare -me-, he :-p. Well, I hope you atleast try Rapscallion- Just installing it gives you a -beautiful- picture.. and then there's that -gorgeous- manual, he :-). And then that beautiful journeys controller and those connections documents.. oh, it's a dream :-). the only thing it's missing is a mapper that actually makes 2d maps- they said it'd take too much resources and it'd be hard to set up- i'm trying to convince them that some die hard mapper people would still love it, he :-) and 'sides, i'm sure there's some computers that could manage it.. even if my little 950 wouldn't quite cut it, i'm sure that -someday- i'll upgrade :-p. well, laterz.

From: Yi Thursday, April 15, 03:28PM

I -have- tried Rapscallion, and I don't like it :P Too many floaty windows, and if I have aliases on it gives me another 1/2 second to a second lag on top of whatever mud or netlag I'm experiencing. I'll stick with Savitar.

From: Jean Thursday, April 15, 06:38PM

windows you can get rid of (for good, if you know how to save the settings) and the aliases are timed to be like 1 every 2 seconds- you can bring that down to "fastest" or whatever, wherein it'll go as fast as possible :-).

From: Danar Thursday, April 22, 11:20PM

in my experience, the only real difference between Savitar and Rapscallion is that Savitar is unreasonably slow on my computer (and crashes all the time) and Rapscallion pops up untold millions of palettes whenever I open a window. I know people who don't have that problem with Savitar, though, so to each his own. Danar


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