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Posted by Mac on 04/16

I'm finding that change where you can't follow someone that's invis a real inconvenience.. Another example where I say 'screw realism!'.

From: Jean Friday, April 16, 01:55AM

Magic is unreal, but we all accept it as real on here, so that doesn't matter. But i don't see why one shouldn't be able to follow invis- unless, ofcourse, you don't have detect invis, in which case i agree :-p.

From: Wuss Friday, April 16, 03:28AM

Nothing inconvenient about it, all you have to do is have the invisible guy follow you, instead of vice versa. Sides, you can't even tell when somebody decides to follow you invis, nor when they look at you anyway. Mmm. should make it that you can't follow people who are sneaking as well unless you have high perc or detect hidden :p

From: Mac Friday, April 16, 04:01AM

Umm, try taking a couple of low levels through rudh, you can't really let them lead. I'm talking about having your whole group invis requiring all but one to have detect invis. It's not an inconvenience, it's a pain in the ass.. So much so there's hardly reason for invis anymore outside of pk.

From: Wuss Friday, April 16, 04:08AM

mmmm. issue them all specs for the time being :p maybe there should be a nifty spell that at least lets you follow invis ppl. or an item that you can use like a group boat or something. btw, what happens if the leader has a group boat, goes invis in the sea..? do the followers just drown?

From: Ronnie Friday, April 16, 04:27AM

There is more to following than just sight. You could theoretically be leading someone by grabbing onto their shirt or having them follow your voice.


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