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Couple things in PK

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Posted by Wuss on 04/21

Just thought I'd jot down a few things that I feel are a tad bit icky. o item damage via immolate o non-dodgable direct damage spells, that are equivalent to 'rip to shreds o kick being the equivalent to decimate or low rip to shreds o tumble being too widely available o tumble still allowing sitting chars to stand up o skills failing when its primary fight stat is at 100 o skills failing when stats differ by more than 50, 60. o one worse for wear taking out upwards of 324 pts, usually around 250 o heavy weapons not hitting nearly as well as light ones (comparable hitro ll) o armor rating difference, i personally feel a very sharp difference in the -80 to -100 range, more so than the lower end. o items being allowed to scrap in one or two hits o HPs being too much a deciding factor -- think mind should be -hp o of all the spells, only stuns fail or surge, while no other combat spell seem to have that problem o sprawling shots making people stand up automatically when in another roo m o skills succeeding a tad bit too often against people with the same stats o being able to remove things mid combat o there being no equipment that offer protection from spells, while there are for skills and weapon damage o weapon damage seemingly rolling one dice per round as opposed to several die in accordance of the hits landed past armor (clarify?) o spam taking effect immediately o usage of non-rentable cheap stats to spam o lack of combat skills that can be as sophisticated as spells o worse for wear lasting longer than any other type of stun Wuss

From: Mac Friday, April 16, 04:07AM

Hmm, off the top of my head.. to add to the To Do list: -Stun 2.target needs to stick for at least 10 seconds. -Skills success needs to be made gradual, with the same stats you should still get - 50% chance to bash, 20% you both go down, 20% NEITHER, just a sliding scale of damage, 10% totally backfire. The same kinda thing should be done with all skills. Actually there's heaps of things to do that have been brought up in the past. Mebbe I'll do this after skill trees if they really really must come first. -gag-

From: Ronnie Friday, April 16, 04:28AM

From: Leatherface Friday, April 16, 09:03PM

The same stat succes thing is true, with Rounin and I, fights are COMPLETELY based on luck. Sometimes I will land every headbutt and he will miss every bash, sometimes it is the exact opposite. Either way the winner ends up with somewhere between 200-250hp's to spare. EVERY time. I am sure you all know what I think of stun (puke) Maybe instead of lowering the wfw stun length, you can raise the length of headbutt choke a and warcry stuns too match? Wonder what the mages would think of that ;) I truly hate item damage, and would regularly worship the imm that toned it down. Publicly (grin) Even strength weapons can destroy stuff in one fight. Not even 10% as devistating to eq as immolates and other spells, but eq damage is crazy is crazy. (meant to say 'con weapons' there instead of 'strength weapons') Leatherface.

From: Fairfax Sunday, April 18, 10:59AM

I thought some items were marked as easy-to-damage in order to compromise on rent? I guess if everyone in general decided they wanted their tunics or cloaks to last longer the rent could be moved upward to keep those items in spec. The flimsiness of those items are also the primary factor none of my characters use them (Yes the flimsy items are usually known for their flimsiness.) Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: Yi Sunday, April 18, 06:07PM

I object less to items that are easily damaged than to unrepairable items. Considering that some of them aren't exactly easy to get (armplates, collar)...hmm. Well, I guess if it lowers the rent that's one thing. 'K, nevermind. Yi

From: McDonald Wednesday, April 21, 01:07AM

It comes down to the rent on the item types. Youll notice most ppl dont use the items that are 5k but dont do anything special. The items that have the strongest material types are like this. They last forever but are way too high rent wise. On the other hand there are items like crimson sash if i remember correctly, that use very flimsy material, but can easily be destroyed in one fight. These items have a very nice rent, the problem is that since there aren't different types of each eq item, with different materials, one doesn't have much choice. Personally ive been pleased with how long my horse collars have lasted and wouldn't mind if all eq was set up this way, super long lasting norepair. Maybe this could be a way to add tweaked eq. Have eq load with different material types. Have the material type change and rent the change with it, another alternative would be to have a mob that could add material to an item, thereby giving it more ac or make it sturdier.


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