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Posted by Raskolnikov on 04/21

I'd just like to say I'm totally not suprised in the previous incident between wraith and wuss. Wraith has done similar things on more than 1 occasion. In fact he warned me for something ridiculous and wouldn't talk about it at all. (The warning was removed prmptly on inspection of the incident). I think if players can be judged on past actions then so should imms. Perhaps a loss of certain commandsafter they are continually abused. In any even people with power of the mindset that they need to flex such power to show how cool they are is bad.

From: Wraith Saturday, April 17, 11:13AM

-laugh- You got a warning for swearing on your clan channels, if I'm not mistaken. I don't understand how giving you that warning could be either an abuse of power or a demonstration of my mighty godly muscles. :p The warning wasn't 'promptly' removed although it was taken off. I'm sure that even if you didn't get the warning on your character, you did still get a verbal warning for your action. That might also have been the incident which resulted in the help files being changed so that they explicitly stated that you could not swear on your clan channel even though it was already implied. - Wraith

From: Brede Saturday, April 17, 11:20AM

Dodging the main point of this thread a little here, but implying something in the rules isn't enough. If there is something that is going to be enforced, have it clearly stated in the rules, not implied. Works both ways here, players can read it and avoid getting into trouble, and imms can say 'read help ____' and have something to back up their word. Swearing on clan channels is a good example of something like that, and what is the definative rule on using an asterix in place of 1 or more letters in a few choice words, is that warnable or not?

From: McDonald Saturday, April 17, 11:24AM

What incident?

From: Pop Saturday, April 17, 03:31PM

I believe the incident was on a conference not a clan channel and I asked at least 4 times if it was ok to swear on the channel, and wraith being at the keyboard the enitre time said nothing. So I swore on the channel and wraith promptly warned me. Too busy to answer a question but not busy enough to hand out the punishment while wiz invis and then not even have the courtesy to answer why he didn't answer in the first place. Yeah, I think when you get asked a fair question you have a responsibility to answer it. Also I asked for the conference to be made adult and again no answer. When lter asked why he didn't make the conference adult it was because he didn't think swearing was necessary. Hey, get over yourself. Noone objected to it being made adult (I asked everyone listening to the conference, remember) but your holy roller moral attitude decided the rules. I seriously don't see why you are an imm if all you do is give out warnings to things that don't hurt anyone and noone takes offense too. (He also warned me for making an illusion with profanity in it in the clan hall) Noone complained about it or anything he's just snooping the mud looking for things to stamp the censure on. I didn't complain about the warning cause I know it is against the rules, but I also didn't think you would get a warning if it didn't bug anyone, because everyone in the clan can handle a little swearing even if you cannot.

From: McDonald Wednesday, April 21, 01:18AM

Wow, I've only heard bad things about Wraith lately and they are pretty convincing. Lets lynch him. But what was the wraith - wuss incident that you mentioned.


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