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Posted by Jean on 04/21

heres some things that i figured could be improved regarding carving.. (1) why is it that you dont even need a weapon to carve? i can just imagine what kind of progress would be made trying to carve, say, an alligator or a shark with ones bare hands in -real- life, he :-p. Personally, I think that carve should be able to rely on a weapon for aid. I think itd also be nice if one was -very- unsuccessful trying to carve -without- a weapon (depending on the mob- sharks and gators would be the toughest :-p)- and that one should be -most- successful with a carving knife (though the tough mobs would still be harder) :-). (2) why is it that the large toads and rats from the swamp near tara cant be carved? i mean, i know, toads and rats dont have much meat, but id think they have enough to make a decent little steak out of them and i mean, man, these are -big- toads and, man, i didnt know such large rats existed :-).

From: Fright Sunday, April 18, 02:48AM

You have to keep in mind that there is a point where too much detail actually starts taking away from the game. I am not saying that carving without a weapon is that point, but if all the little tiny things that didn't really make sence here were removed or adjusted, it would make a lot of work, for very little effect, and increase the annoyance factor of certain tasks. (not being able to have more than 1 boat is a good example of something that is annoying once in a while, and was added just for the increased realism [as far as I know])

From: Mac Sunday, April 18, 04:07AM

Yeah, like trying to get away from being able to lug around canoes, we're probably gonna have to buy tickets to cross any seas. Inconvenience for the sake of realism.. bleah -poke shopkeepers-

From: Jean Sunday, April 18, 06:09PM

Fright writes: For sure. I wouldnt like chat channels removed just because people didnt have them in some of the ages on here, he :-). let me put it to you this way- how realistic is xping? not very- in the real world, you manage by your brains, not by doing repetitive tasks umpteen tasks. How about rent limits? even less- even in communist countries, doing a repetitive task doesnt get you anywhere- you just remain a cog in their wheel. the ones who got ahead were the ones who knew just how far they could push things to get what they wanted. In the case of martyrs, no price is too large to get what they want- freedom for their people, etc. :-). Anyways, -theres- too unrealistic things id -really- like changed- and after the initial pains, i personaly think people would really grow to enjoy it. As far as realism like not being able to carry 2 boats at the same time, its a walk in the park compared to having to xp for hours on end or not being able to wear the eq you can get. p.s. another realistic idea that i know a few high levels would like (and ofcourse id like it :-) ) is being able to have 5 rings per hand, he :-).

From: LadyAce Monday, April 19, 12:07AM

Although I myself am a details freak, there comes a point when even I start to wonder what the point is to an added layer of detail. I'm willing to listen, but I'm not sure how much the game would be enhanced by more creative corpse-carving possibilities -- I personally do not see it, though I look for it. Can you explain? I can see the fun in new quests/items/mobs/tactics/skills, I love the plans we have for player-made eq, I love the variety of spells we have and wish they were more useful. But I've honestly never wished for a change to meat -- please share your thoughts. -LA

From: Jean Monday, April 19, 02:56AM

From: Jean Monday, April 19, 02:58AM

LadyAce writes: when it comes to wishing to be able to get xp faster, its no detail. Then again, neither are any changes, he :-p. From what I now know, it seems you went in the -opposite- direction from what Id like- from an xp system where itd take less mobs to get to the next level to one where it takes more. Im finding more and more people who are telling me that it takes too long to get to 50, but, aside from some pkers who want to spend less time to become pk disabled (and yeah, i know thats being looked into and how :-p), it seems no one but me wants to rock the boat, so im stuck being the only proponent. at present, you can carve with your bare hands. Have you ever seen someone carve up something with their bare hands? p.s.- any idea how this ghost append that keeps on getting pushed further back came into being ;-)?

From: Jean Tuesday, April 20, 04:09PM

->Jean<- wonders if Ladyace got/remembers a little email i sent her last monday.. no questions, just a few comments..

From: Madison Tuesday, April 20, 04:26PM

Actually, there are several small game animals, and most birds, that can be cleaned and dismembered with your bare hands. -just a little info from the country folk :P

From: Jean Tuesday, April 20, 05:27PM

wow, way cool madison :-). but still, i doubt you could carve up, say, an alligator with your bare hands, he :-). p.s.- are there certain fish you think you could do with your bare hands hands :-)?

From: McDonald Wednesday, April 21, 01:27AM

I think the idea is, making us have a weapon to carve a corpse is not something that anyone wants. Its along the lines of, ok we have keys to open houses, but where are the keys kept, oh in your pocket huh, well lets make it so you have to get your key out of your pocket, and put key lock, and turn key, and turn knob and push door and remove key and enter door and close door and insert key lock indoors and turn key and remove key and put key pocket. We can make the game as detailed as we want, but we must ask ourselves why and do we want this. Obviously in the past someone decided that carving shouldn't need anything. Now the question is does anyone want to be made to carry a carving instrument, and it don't look like anyone wants too. I got better problems with the whole thing anyway, first carving corpses has little food value, and all the cooking fishing stuff shouldn't cost any practices, its pretty useless. Why does it take 2 plates of fish and chips to fill me, why even more of other things. The value of all food should be doubled, n we shouldn't get but a couple times a day. Id be neat to make fishing cost no practice, but instead to have low rent fishing materials needed to catch fish. Ie, net, fishing pole, etc etc.

From: Jean Wednesday, April 21, 02:01AM

McDonald writes: god, that sounds like a good idea, he :-). however, i think that the whole thing could be automated, just as all mob kills are automated- so youd just type unlock door and the code would do the rest. Id recommend not having an actual key object - only in the code to opening it would there seem to be a key- due to the fact that it could then be taken from you, effectively rendering your house not your house :-p. Well, personally i think itd look a -lot- cooler if one unlocked a house the way i described. Yeah well, who wants to xp for the amount of time we need to to get to 50? I certainly dont, but there it is. Having to have a carving knife is a tiny incovenience (as long as the rent price is next to nothing) and itd add an element that would make a more realistic mud for a minimal price. Once you have a carving knife in your inventory, the code could be made so that you automatically carve with the carving knife you have if you have one. As Madison mentioned, some animals dont need anything more then hands, but since he said some, it implies that there are quite a few that -do- need more then hands. So we could have some animals that dont need anything still, but others that do (say, alligators). Personally, I think one should get -sick- if one eats too much raw meat- i think it should even cost hps if one does it too often... Anyways, cooking adds food value, but I agree that it shouldnt cost a practice, if only because in real life, cooking is a lot more useful then being able to kill any mob in town. As for fishing, well, it -would- be nice.. but not as necessary, since you only need it if you go out to sea.. and sides, you can survive starving for the rest of your life if you wanted to, he :-p. which brings me to another point- is that really good that one can live forever starving and dehydrated? i knew another mud that took away hps for this.. the only problem being here that what happens if you go linkdead? i think the solution is that you cant lose hps if youre linkdead.. or you dissapear into the void (im thinking that maybe its not possible to determine if youre in the void). Now I really seem to be shooting myself in the foot here, because what of a certain magebot in tara, he he :-). Personally, I think he should just go down one and get some food at the inn from time to time :-). well, i think that fishing materials is certainly a good idea, he :-). And yeah, Ive been thinking about not needing to eat so much.. i think i see the logic behind it.. basically, muds seem to have real life seconds to be mud minutes- by that timescale, one can get hungry pretty fast :-). Personally, I think the timescale should get closer to real world for everything. Which would mean that youd have more rounds per tick. Which would mean slower natural point regen. Ofcourse, -that- would open so many cans of worms, that I dont even want to -think- about it. Thats more like a -real- future thought :-p. Another thing, with certain large animals and perhaps fish, i mean, one should be able to get -more- then just one steak, but -many-. I mean, i can just imagine how many steaks a -cow- should be able to produce, he :-). Also, perhaps different sized steaks could be introduced- A cow could certainly make larger steaks then a small creature.. anyways :-).

From: McDonald Wednesday, April 21, 02:24AM

My point was, the carving knife should be implied as you suggest the key should be. Carving corpses is a newbie type thing, for the most part, and so you would need to make a carving knife part of the newbie kit, or sell it, but anytime you didnt have it you wouldnt be able to carve at all. So this would lead to people carving even less than they do now. I don't see carving as a sort of thing were people go wow, i had to figure out that I started the game with a carving knife and I have to equip it and now i can carve corpses, nice miniquest! Theres just not much wow factor there. Whats funny is this is realism for the sake of realism only that so often plagues muds so badly. Its funny you mention losing hp if you don't eat. This is the type of realism that makes the game unplayable just for the sake of realism. We must resist this urge. You know I'm all for realism if it doesn't require a carriage return from me. So sure you want to add a message that you get your implied carving knife from your implied carving knife holder and carve up the corpse thats fine. It would be ok to change the feature this way, but to make an actual carving knife one has to carry around, would be realism for realism's sake only and while I could care less about carving, we definately DO NOT need realism for realism's sake anywhere in the game. Ie losing hp if you don't eat and the like.


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