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Posted by Jean on 04/22

i've changed my idea of what's important- after resolving the thing with Wuss and the immortals, I think making this board less buggy, with better documentation and easier to use in general would be the top priority :-p. Or -atleast- having players able to delete their own messages when the thing just keeps on dishing out erroneous posts..

From: Jean Wednesday, April 21, 08:34PM

Wraith told me some good tips on how to make sure that my notes don't go awry. Between this and Kaige's excellent suggestion of putting spaces on my in between lines, I'm on a roll :-). I hope that these types of suggestions could be incorporated into the board help files soon so no one else has to mess up as much as i have, he :-).

From: Adonis Wednesday, April 21, 09:44PM

I know what I consider important, banning you from writing on any more of these boards to prevent all this useless spam

From: Ton Thursday, April 22, 12:54AM

Funny, I've never had any of these problems people seem to have with any of these boards. Oh I understand how losing link can mess you up, but any other reason, I just can't figure out. Some of you should try reading @ help sometime, without the space between the two.

From: Jean Thursday, April 22, 01:50AM

Trust me Ton, I have :-p. Perhaps you post on here line by line? Well, I wanted to copy and paste an entire message from my word processor. took some doing, but I seemed to be able to finally do it.. only now it seems that it sometimes gets picky and won't accept the entire message. Either that or it was because i used a non alphanumeric character- it might have been a " at the beginning of a line, say. Atleast it always seemed to be messing up when it got to the line with that. Ofcourse, there was also a ( in there.. And then, ofcourse, perhaps there's a set amount of text that this mud will take at given times and if you go over that, it gets upset :-p. Well, from now on i think i'll just put in text a page at a time (I know Wraith said 15 lines max, but i kinda like living on the wild side, he :-). well, laterz.

From: Jean Thursday, April 22, 01:54AM

Adonis, personally I think that what you said was very rude and gives quite false impressions- I may write a fair amount on this board, but that doesn't mean i'm spamming on it. From my understanding of the word spamming, it means to post too much similar stuff or stuff where it doesn't belong. I think i did neither and I invite you to back up your words. Either that or descredit yourself. Ofcourse, there are those that would take your side regardless of any evidence- they don't need that kind of thing :-p. to them, I can't sway there minds; arrogance knows no bounds :-p.

From: McDonald Thursday, April 22, 06:42AM

Don't mind adonis, you just have to realize some idiots would rather discourage ppl from writing on the boards, cuz they feel they have to read them. Not that these posts haven't been sorta long and haven't been rehashing a lot of the same things, for it would seem the want of a carving knife. For want of a carving knife the filet was lost, for want of a filet the stomach was hungry... I've also heard ppl complain when I've gotten a big thread going, doesn't everyone agree this is poor form and if your really that lazy just don't read em?

From: Mac Thursday, April 22, 06:58AM

The problem is the quoting, this isn't a newsgroup and even if it were, Jean's quoting is excessive and doesn't stand out as regular quoting does so's not real easy to read. I prefer a simple "re: " personally.


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