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Posted by Blitz on 04/26

Hello everyone. I am trying to form a clan called No Limis Soldiers or [NL stupid word limit... any ways [NLS]. Please send me some mud mail if ya would like to join. some mud mail if ya would like to join. Thanks

From: Thyme Monday, April 26, 07:57PM

ok, and if a sniper loses all his gear in the same house, his dex is going to be substantially lower, and he's not going to be able to pick the lock again anyway, there is no unbalance in that at all. mages (no idea about break door, so I won't claim to :P) have an advantage on me right now, they can get in my house and I _CAN'T_ get in theirs, what is so hard to understand about that? all I'm suggesting is that even the best of locks be made "easier to pick". and maybe we could even get rid of the annoying illusion type message that follows the second try. why should I only get one try to begin with? if a mage's spell isn't successful, I'm betting that mage gets a second shot at it. so why am I playing under different rules? the "thieves" have the least chance of breaking into a hall as it stands, where is the common sense in that? you know, those of us who have a better success rate at things like "steal" and "backstab" and -=gasp=- heaven forbid, "LOCK-PICKING". not to mention "hide", "sneak" all those nifty thing a "thief" type person does. now, lets presume I were a con druid, I wouldn't complain once, because con druids have nothing to help in these types of situations. the mage is _not_ the problem I'm having with this. my problem is the char type that makes the most sense to "break in" another house is a sniper, in my opinion, yet we have _maybe_ a 1 out of 100 success rate. sell doors and let me install them in my house, if your going to deny me seeing what the door will be in said house before I purchase it, just the same thing that is done with locks. people get help from the system in my case, why should I not get the same exact help? another idea would be to jerk aftermarket locks, you'd be stuck with what you get (just like I am with my door). --this has been the ever so pissed off ramblings of Thyme.

From: Thyme Monday, April 26, 10:52AM

lets see, I'm not bitching about druids or mages or str chars, I'm bitching about snipers, and what sppears to be the anti_sniper attitude of the mud concerning this. lets face it, a sniper could be easily classified as a thief. he steals well, he moves silently, he hides in shadows, he backstabs, the list goes on and on. he also does this thing called lock pick. granted, some locks on this mud are too complex for the best of thieves, as some are too complex for mages to phase, and I'm pretty sure there are some the str char can't phase, though I've never seen anything like that. my problem is very simple, when you buy a house, no matter where it is, you can go nearly anywhere and buy a new lock, and 99 out of 100 tries, I can't pick my way into your house. (I think a tool to help me would be VERY cool). but anyway. when I go and spend my money on a house, things are much different. first off, there isn't a way to even know the type of doors available to said house -before- you buy the house, so you just have to hope things turn out well for you. but honestly I can handle that, this is what annoys me to no end.. the fact that I can't go out and buy a new door in oreder to stop said mage or str char from breaking into my house. and I was just told by Rufus, and I quote, "the current system can _NOT_ support selling aftermarket doors. Rufus also brought to my attention that he "made it easier" to pick open doors, and I think the entire mud will back me when I say it's still not enough to even compare how easily a mage or str char can get into my hall. just as Mac said in a previous append, he feels very safe behind two 100/100 locks, safe enough to go afk. and to whoever said the thing about druids, etc.. I would not once complain about not being able to get into houses with a char that isn't suppose to be able to do so, but I think it's very safe to say a char with 100 dex is suppose to, and should just as often as the mage or str char. oh and one more thing, I'm _NOT_ against being able to get into houses, I'm very in favor of it actually, I just want fairness among the three types of chars who are able to do so. and right now that isn't the case. Thyme!

From: Rufus Monday, April 26, 11:55AM

Btw, that isn't what I said at all. I said that we were planning on altering the current doors in housing to match the new code that was recently put in, but we have to do it while the mud is down. -Ruf

From: Thyme Monday, April 26, 06:19PM

no, you said it's not possible for the current system to have aftermarket doors, I even went over the log, that's what you said. -shrug- whatever, I just want a reimb, and I'm not even asking for the money I paid in rent, I'da paid that regardless. be it somewhere else.


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