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Posted by Jean on 04/26

I have enough things to respond to as is without having the extra burden of paraphrasing what people say- thus, quoting. I'm not sure how big an 8k limit would be, but i'm going to limit my posts to 3 pages in length to hopefully avoid this problem (i heard that that the reason that my 5k post was deleted was because it caused someone to crash. I'll repost it, but in 2 parts, when i get access to the original copy again).

From: Wuss Thursday, April 22, 08:59PM

let's not and say we did, can't say i'll be reading it. oh, yeah, can we get an additional id on posts that refer to their size?

From: Rufus Friday, April 23, 08:40AM

As far as message sizes, anything generally over a viewable page (probably more like 2 25 line pages, since most other types of displays now can handle more than 25 lines) is likely to only get skimmed rather than read in-depth. If you really want to reach your target audience and get them thinking (and don't want them to 'miss' anything), figure out how to: 1) quote ONLY the essential material needed for reference ( a couple of keywords, etc, if they want the detail they can go back and read it) 2) Make your message quick and straight to the point. 3) Don't constantly use emoticons, or emotional phrasings (hehe, etc) people think you are joking and less likely to take you seriously -Ruf

From: Ton Friday, April 23, 05:27PM

Yeah most of the time people skip anything approaching a page, especially on this board since it can be so spammy at times.

From: Jean Friday, April 23, 05:44PM

Rufus writes: Don't constantly use emoticons, or emotional phrasings (hehe, etc) people think you are joking and less likely to take you seriously I -am- joking when i say hehe. Maybe i'm also serious about this or that point, but I want to smile and "he he" a bit to make sure people no that that i'm flexible on what i want and willing to change my perspective if people tell me why it isn't a good idea.. hm.. i'm beginning to wonder if this has so much to do with my he hes- i think i mainly use those just when i'm chuckling at something :-p.

From: Jean Friday, April 23, 05:44PM

As for the other points, I spent a lot of time writing my posts, despite the quoting. If someone doesn't want to read my posts just because of the posts, maybe they're not the type of person that has the patience to see things as long term as me and to not care so much about the details in packaging.

From: Jean Friday, April 23, 05:46PM

however, as can be seen, i'm now breaking down my larger posts into 2 pieces- my goal is to not go much beyond 3 word processor pages

From: Yi Saturday, April 24, 03:22PM

The thing is, you don't -have- to quote what people say. You don't even have to paraphrase it. We can all read, we're all capable of remembering something we read two minutes ago. If I really don't remember what someone posted earlier and I really want to know, I'll go back and read it. But I don't really like reading things two or three times just for the sake of reading them. And don't try to pin some sort of "I guess you don't take these issues seriously thing" on me-I've been playing here for over a year which is nothing compared to some, I know, but it still implies a reasonable amount of dedication, I'd think. I care about what gets discussed on this board, which is why I read it in the first place, but rereading things I've already read isn't really how I get my jollies. I'd be much more inclined to read your posts than I am now if I could read just your posts alone, without the quoting. Yi.

From: Jean Sunday, April 25, 12:26PM

in append 7, Yi writes: Not when its pages and pages of points. Wuss made a comment recently without having quoted or paraphrased and I couldnt figure out what he was referring to exactly- i mentioned that he should have atleast quoted me and then Id know what he was referring to, he :-p. Perhaps if I dug through the post of mine that he was replying to I would have remembered it, but I dont -want- to have to go digging around for info that could be placed right in front of me. Neither do I. When stuff is quoted to me, if I dont remember it exactly, Ill read it. If I do, ill skip over it. Only takes a second if its nicely encapsulated in, say, brackets, complete a line space between the quote and the response. That in itself doesnt tell me much- some people are on a mud for years and never care to look at the boards. What always gets me about you high ups telling me this is that it takes so little time to skip over the quotes if you dont want to see them. Another thing that gets me is that you cheer for xping which is monotonous kill, kill, kill, yet youre suffering over a little repetitive text that you can skip over in a fraction of a second per instance? As I said to Wuss, isnt that just a -tad- hypocritical?

From: Sandra Monday, April 26, 01:40PM

Hm, I think I'll comment on that last paragraph of Jean's last append. People cheer when others level to be polite, and congratulate them on their work. Why you're even comparing that to your posts escapes me. People are telling you that your posts are too long, and with all of the quoting to pick around, your point is lost because by the time people find what you said, they really don't care to read it. There is nothing wrong with one line saying "in response to post on : " and then going from there. As someone that has to read the boards every day, I can only say that I find your quoting additional, and repetative text which does nothing but make posts longer than they really need to be. As Rufus stated somewhere in one of these posts, get to the point of your reply. People will(and obviously have) complain if you put in quotes that go on and on needlessly. -Sandra


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