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Randomized Stats on EQ

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Posted by Wuss on 04/24

Great way to increase item variety without having to add new areas, but would like to know exactly what aspects of an item will be varied -- acs, rent, +stat, -stat, and whether a new -/+ can be introduced in the variation (oh yah, hp/hit/dam too). Mmm. and align. Also, it'd be a tad bit more helpful if there was a 'standard' variety (the stats we've come to hate and love for years) to which items can be modified to, let's say, when sold to a mob or something. Preferrably, repop time on mobs that have both random gear and are quest or teacher mobs should be upped, I can see a shortage on them coming up... Wuss

From: McDonald Friday, April 23, 01:03AM

I once played a mud, where mobs only had their eq the first time they were killed, though it was a bigger mud. Since ppl will tend to get rid of eq that is a bad roll Id think there could be an overflow of eq if the repops were made too quick. Oh and in response to earlier post about difficulty of legend. I think this mud is only hard until you learn it well, and its more this way than other stock type muds. Theres no central location to learn skills and spells and such and thats the main thing I think. Once you learn it its extremely easy, compared to something like Duris. On that mud you couldn't really get much xp at all solo and leveling to say lvl 30 could easily take 300 hours or so. With things like not seeing how much xp you get for a kill, and not seeing how much you got to level except for a desc similar to consider messages, and oh yah losing levels when you die, if you had recently leveled and hadn't got enough xp yet, which could permanently lower your max hp, hehe. And everyone pkill enabled with only some towns with mob guards to protect you. Heck even the looters on legend don't take ALL your eq. Generally I wish Legend was more challenging, but I think the problem isn't with difficulty but the xp scale, which made it so that it you must mindlessly kill low level mobs for hours and hours. -end ramble

From: Rufus Friday, April 23, 08:27AM

'But I would like to know exactly ...' 1) too bad =) 2) anything, it's up to the builder. Intially (at least for friday) it will mainly be newbie-ish gear. In modifying things, I strayed away from altering well-established items in the game, though that philosophy might change in the coming weeks. As far as random gear on quest mobs and whatnot... I personally tend to try and stay away from putting really great stat items on quest mobs (obvious exceptions, but for the most part, common quests, I tend to have less-than wonderful items on). This isn't true of every builder, but it's something that's probably more toward the exception than the norm. Currently, I see no reason to alter many of the repop times on anything, regardless of what I dump on them. -Ruf

From: Rufus Friday, April 23, 08:31AM

I will however tell you how it sorta works. Builders set up on each object they wish to have random stats, some 'rules' for how the item is made (50% chance of a 1 to 3 strength bonus, 30% chance of a 2-4 dex bonus) and then they set up compensation rules (if the item exceeds X stats, compensate with negative perception). they can also set it up where an item has a consistent level of stats all the time (3 dex, 3 mind, 1-2 strength, then compensate down to 5 overall with a negative spirit). Those are only stats, too. Literally anything can be altered on objects now (and I mean -everything-) so you might come across items in the future that have literally thousands of combinations of possible stats (including hp, mana, move, hitroll, damroll, ac, parry bonus, etc). It calculates rent affects on the fly. The builder of said item will set an initial value, and the rent is then modified by the rules we use for determining rent as affected by stats (if you have a +1 strength item, expect it to be 225 rent more than the same item without any strength bonus). The 'rules' which govern adding stats are also strictly followed by the code, and they are minimums. The builder can however set a default value of 1000 for an item that does nothing, so in its +1 strength state, it would be 1225 rent. this allows builders flexibility to determine rent based on factors other than just the item stats (most noteably, difficulty in obtaining said item). -Ruf

From: Mac Friday, April 23, 11:47AM

I was always keen on random eq since playing Diablo way back but will it work the same here? With other such games you don't need exact stats to make pre-requisites for skills while maxing other stats. I can imagine it may be kinda frustrating on Legend unless only rent and ac was random. Consider this.. [AUCTION] Mac: cloak of midnight, 4 dex 3 perc -2 con! Who's going to be interested? Very few as everyone's going to need slightly different stats, only the plain fighters after -spirit that don't need stats balanced so much will be spending big. But if it were just AC & rent.. [AUCTION] Mac: cloak of midnight (regular stats) -28 AC 1350 rent! It would attract a lot of interest and would really get the economy going. I mean even Dun eq could be worth a lot! I guess weapons could also be slightly randomized, I just don't think stats will work so well how Legend is at present.

From: Mac Friday, April 23, 12:11PM

get map bag Bleah, won't attempt to restart.. Anyways, I forgot to mention hp/man/mv hit and damroll are others that could be randomized without the problems of equipping with desired stats or limiting the demand on items. I think that's plenty, worth the effort of implementing and would work well..

From: Yi Friday, April 23, 12:33PM

On the other hand, I've never yet had a character's stats work out so perfectly that I couldn't have dropped a point or two from a non-essential stat (32 perc as opposed to 30, whee) while adding it to a more important stat. My holy grail since making this character is something +7 con, -1 per -1 min, and who knows? Maybe now I'll find one. Admitedly, you can only do pretty minor fiddling, but it can't hurt, and might help.

From: Rufus Friday, April 23, 01:13PM

Many items will likely not have random effects (I doubt I'll change the cloak of midnight, for example). But I've often looked for an item with 2 or 3 stats, but the only things that were available were 1 stat, or 5 stats, and the 5 stat one put me over rent. This isn't going to solve -every- eq problem in the game. That's not its intention. It's not going to miraculously change the 'if it's not 5 overall stats, it's useless' misnomer that seems quite rampant (not so much now as it used to be, but nonetheless...). What it will create is a less predictable eq base, some 'filling in the holes' for objects that don't currently exist at all, and allows us to expand the number of stat-based eq things in the game without worrying about coming into conflict with items that are already in the game. It merely adds a random element, and a tool that builders can use. -Ruf

From: Ruby Friday, April 23, 03:38PM

I would 1st off like to say that i think this new code sounds "fun". But I also want to point out one other thing. What i see people, well ok what i see pkillers talking about nowadays is that the mud is to luck based for skills and such. With this random stat element you have to set back and thing. Will this make the mud luck based for items as well? A little luck playing role in the game is greate. We it wouldn't be fun any other way. But there is suck a thing as to much luck, as seen with WFW and tumble sometime. So i would like to end with this. I think the randome idea is good but also i don't want to see players killing the same mob over and over and over again for a 1 stat change in an item I mean lets face it there are alot of people that would spend 3 or so weeks try'n to get that 1 stat point -hangs head- I am one of them =P Anyway i forgot what my point was... oh yeh, don't make us sit around try'n to get the 1 point forever It just takes the fun out of the game the same way xp can at times -kills same mobs over and over again- Well thats it, Ruby

From: Rufus Friday, April 23, 05:16PM

Okay, let me restate one more time... NO I'M NOT CHANGING THE MAJORITY OF THE ITEMS IN THE GAME. And I'm going to add something to this: THIS IS NOT TAKING THE PLACE OF THE WAY WE CURRENTLY DO OBJECTS. It's a random addition. If you feel that your stats rely on a single +1 from an item that may or may not ever be generated, you're probably going to be disappointed with a whole lot a mud has to offer in general. -Ruf

From: Wuss Friday, April 23, 05:38PM

First off, I'm glad to hear that the eq thing is limited to newbie eq for the time being. I for one stay waaaaaay clear of non-5 net eq unless it's -spi or offers +hit/dam/hp etc that makes the -1 irrelevant in comparison (this char has heaps of 4 net :p) I was hoping more gear along the lines of 3 net or so with -6 spi variations, gear that newbie fighter chars could really use, or gear that fighter chars could consider using -- especially combined with 100+ stats factoring into the game (for weaken, clumsy, and idiocy, at the cost of having -912808150 spirit, perhaps). Although totally random eq with thousands of variations sound neat, I was wondering if there could be eq with a couple variations that could be discerned by looking at them (a blue one as opposed to a silver, a tarnished as opposed to a regular, etc), so that ppl won't be 'forced' to kill quest mobs per repop just to try every variation of an eq (the rowan staff, for example, if its stats were random, could be of some use -- at least for spam gear :p) Wuss

From: Mac Saturday, April 24, 12:21AM

Yeah, I wouldn't mind a few random 'stat' items if they were distinguishable from others in some way. Anyways, I still believe random AC, rent, hps, mana, mvs, hit & dam could be great for the MUD and wouldn't require areas to be modified. It could be done based on current items and merely adjust the above mentioned properties +- 15% or whatever it may be depending whether it's AC, +dam etc.

From: Adolfus Saturday, April 24, 03:17AM

Just wanted to say: This is great, thanks for adding it. Its kinda surprising that its going in. Hehe, now you can't say your work is always unappreciated, cuz this is. that it would only add to the enjoyment of the game, even if you had to kill a mob several times to get what you wanted, as long as any longstanding eq in the game wasn't changed then it could only really be looked at as adding depth and adding something to do. The best thing is that it will eventually anyway, add another little notch in eq that only those that are really dedicated will be able to get the best eq, whereas now sometimes it seems you see newbies with serrateds and such. Thanks imms.

From: Rufus Saturday, April 24, 08:19AM

again, wuss, up to the builders =) They have functions to poll the total stat pluses on an object in an act, total stat minuses on an object, how much something is +str, or +whatever, and they can change the descriptions on it as well. Oh, not only that but a few weeks ago I installed random reset code, so a mob may never load with the same 4 pieces of gear. (talk about random, a mob who loads 4 of 32 pieces of gear, each one having random stat bonuses... literally could change the way they fight!) But builders will have the option of 'concealing' the bonuses with items of same description. Again, in giving the builders as many options as possible, I'm not going to limit them by saying 'random stat objects need to have varying descriptions based on their overall stat bonus'. -Ruf


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