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Posted by Ton on 04/24

I think Wuss mentioned this in a previod append at some point, about raisi ng the maximum allowable stat total. Been thinking about this a little bit in the past, and again now. Seems to me that if the number of slots were to stay the same, and the maximum net 5 rule was still applied, this couldn't be too difficult an idea to imp. (now how the code would handle it, I have no idea. Just food for thought) Suppose the new effective max of a stat was 120, 150 or 200 even. With the 349 max stat points rule still applying, I can't see this been terribly unbalancing, unless I have overlooked something. This would add a huge amount of character depth too. Since getting a 200 stat would be equivelant to having 3 100 stats in gear, it also wouldn't be too common. (3 100 stats require approximately +50 +50 +50 stat points in gear, where as a 200 stat would require approximately +130-150 in gear) Maybe you wouldn't see too many people running around with 200 in stats, but it might be nice to have 110 con, or 110 mind, etc. I am not sure how the current code would handle this. (again) Whatever you think when you read this, don't think that we need more slots or better than net 5 eq, because that's not the point here. (nor do I feel either of those are necessary) But allowing some more flexibility wouldn't hunt, ESPECIALLY with this random seed in eq stats coming about. Ton

From: Jean Friday, April 23, 05:37PM

well, for the sake of realism, why not 5 ring slots per hand, he he :-)? (yeah, i know, it'd unbalance the mud and all i guess- but hey, if stats can go up, why a few extra realistic slots would hurt i don't know- besides, it'd "balance" out the woes of having to rent a canoe or us a skinning knife, chuckle :-p.

From: Wuss Friday, April 23, 05:43PM

The primary reason I wanted 100+ stats was to make it possible for the 'same' str/con chars to be able to have an edge over another -- one might have 110 con while the other has 110 str, etc. And it would be, at least for me, quite interesting to see a 200 con char with heaps of +hp gear -- good luck healing, but still :p Right now, it's quite frustrating when the only non-tumbleable skills are elbow, kick, and warcry (i'm totally ignoring snipers, but hey). Just doing simple math, against a con mage, unless you get lucky and land your skills (let's say, although we know it to be very far from the truth, that landing a wfw is only as good as landing a bash or a headbutt) or totally outheal the mage, you better be hoping that your elbow, kick and warcry does more damage than their immolate. (oh wait, elbow, kick and warcry can miss... immolate won't) It's really simple math. The only way a fighter char beats out on a mage is ... luck and exceptional healing prowess. As much as I don't mind running around the mud for healing, trying to flatten out the luck curve, but when all the healing on the mud equates to negating 1.5 wfw's at best... well. If I could, however, pay ton of spirit to gain enough of a con advantage to land my headbutts (geez, then again, even then they'd be tumbled, and even then they will only daze for 1.5 rounds each.. doh), things may be slightly more even. And as far as mages not doing much damage standing up, that's a myth. Consulting my logs, the range of damage done is roughly the same when both are standing up, and in many occasions the fighter does less for many different reasons... Wuss

From: Mac Saturday, April 24, 12:35AM

(Glowing) (Humming) World Peace the Poet's Ring the Poet's Ring the Poet's Ring the Poet's Ring the Poet's Ring the Poet's Ring the Poet's Ring the Poet's Ring the Poet's Ring the Poet's Ring a silver pentacle on a leather thong a silver pentacle on a leather thong Yeah, that'd work Jean. :P

From: Wuss Saturday, April 24, 01:28AM

We could try to emulate the african tribe with neck rings... they have up to 13 of those. Add Berkeley to the sanfrancisco area, and add nose rings, several more earrings, nipple rings, you-know-where rings... Why not add weather check so you lose hps if you are wearing leather or fur or, heck, anything but cloth in the agrabah desert?

From: Mac Saturday, April 24, 02:18AM

Perhaps my example should have been an amethyst ring. -drool- 10 x 50 hps... anyway, it'll never happen.

From: Ton Saturday, April 24, 03:05AM

I thought I clearly stated that I wasn't talking about adding more slots, but anyway, Jean seems to be able to read something other than what I wrote there. Thinking about this a little more, and what over 100 stats would effect. I would say that attacks per round never get higher than what 100 in a stat gives. The only differences would be for strength: damroll, carrying capacity, bash success, elbow success. For dex: ac, kick success, choke success, hitroll. For con: Hitpoints, movement, headbutt success, warcry success. You get the idea. It would be interesting to see a 200 con character with hp gear, but you'd look like cartman or something I think. :P Forget doing damage or resisting it, and more than likely you couldn't get to 200 if you were wearing no stat, plus hp gear. Really all the change that needs to be made to put this in, is to allow stats to 120 or 150. -ponder- On the other hand, maybe no limit at all would be interesting. This is just meant for discussion between imms and morts, I am not lobbying to get it imp'd tomorrow. I just think it is worth some time discussing. An Imm's opinion (individually or from a staff point of view, would be nice) Ton

From: Ronnie Saturday, April 24, 07:32PM

I think the unlimited stat idea would make this a lot more intresting. Currently, with the right pick of hometown, stats, etc., you can be the proverbial jack of all trades, since you get around 340 stat points to play around with I think, and 60 in most stats gives you most of the skills that come with that stat. Its easy for people to get a hundred in one or two of their main character stats and then 80-60 in the rest, and end up being good at most things and great as everyone else in one thing. With stats that could possibly go above 100, though, it would add quite a bit more to challenge and teamwork to things. Groups of 200 con mega tanks, 150 spirit poulticers, 250 strength damroll beasts, etc. etc. would liven things up in non-pk play, and in PK itself, matches would get a lot more intresting. Sure, putting the lion's share of stat points into one thing would weaken you in quite a few areas, but you would have a great big advantage in that one area. I think a mage that could get a 8 round wfw with 200 mind, but is only able to manage 5 attacks a round with a light weapon would be a intresting trade-off to a 200 dex fighter that just cant be hit and dodges like all hell.


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