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Posted by Wuss on 04/26

Two things: 1. I've noticed elbow doing significantly less damage when it disorients. Unless the effects are cumulative, and even then, I would like it to do its full damage, however meager that is. 2. Str is the only one of the 3 fight stats that doesnt have a non-tumble-able skill that checks for the same stat. What I mean is, dex has kick that isn't tumble-able and is dex vs dex, con has warcry that is fairly con vs con, but str's elbow seems to be more str vs con rather than str vs str. I hope something that's strictly str vs str and cannot be tumbled introduced soon, or have elbow switched to str vs str. It is my reasoning that deviating from stat vs stat skills (stat vs another stat, for example) just makes for certain types of chars being overpowered -- it seems that if you were to gear for leas susceptibility with 160 pts, you would just get 100 con and 60 dex over any other combination :p Wuss

From: Lancelot Saturday, April 24, 06:25PM

I think elbow is underpowered as it is For a str skill it dose diddly. 15dam ouch that hurts but also Elbow could be the reason bash is so good Elbow should be doing just as much or more damge as kick Lancelot

From: Sandra Sunday, April 25, 10:35AM

Elbow also disorients, which causes alot more problems/trouble than the damage it does. No other skill can prevent the oponent from using skills or spells like elbow can. High damage AND disorient was, and would be again, too powerful.

From: Wuss Monday, April 26, 12:55AM

Damage i don't mind much, but again, the main concern of the post was not damage -- it's it being str vs. non-str. It doesn't even land all that well against non-str chars atm, and disorient isn't too frequent nor too debilitating (all my opponents manage to flee and rent it with ease, not to mention casting their spells the same line i've disoriented them). Also, it doesnt make sense to me, at least, that it would do 30 some pts on a non-disorient while doing only half that on a disorient. It should do 30ish all the time imho, it's still 25% or so less powerful than kick.


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