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Posted by Wuss on 05/02

Would it be possible to have read next consult the gag list and skip posts from those persons? I find it fairly annoying to have to memorize the append number of those that are not a certain person (esp if the gagged writes a lot). Not sure how hard or how taxing to the system it would be to code, just thought i'd mention that this and gagging channels would be something i'd like to see considered, at least. Wuss

From: Mac Sunday, April 25, 05:16AM

Mmm, I doubt you're serious as it only takes an extra whack on the enter key to jump to the next message but.. Jean, you're wasting your time! I just skip over your spammy messages with the wacky quoting now and wouldn't be surprised if a good deal more do the same.

From: Larnoc Sunday, April 25, 10:57PM

-also skips Jeans messages- -Larnoc, less is more, less is more.

From: Adolfus Tuesday, April 27, 12:42AM

took up skipping today.

From: Tarod Sunday, May 02, 08:02AM

-Agree Larnoc- I skip them as well. I read everyone else's appends, but Jean's, I skip. Tarod


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