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Posted by Jean on 04/28

I think that one shouldn't have to type "flee" to flee- that, instead, if you're just moving along and something attacks you and you type one of the cardinal directions, you automatically flee in that direction. not good if you wanted to fight, but then, you shouldn't have been going so fast if that was the case. Even if this isn't implemented because players object or whatever, atleast having a command like "flee s" for fleeing south or something- i mean, panicked one may be, but one can usually figure out which direction to flee -in- (if we can always figure out which way is east, west, north and south without aid of a compass anyways :-p.

From: Mac Monday, April 26, 02:49AM

Been discussed before, I'd rather keep the random direction as it adds to pkill somewhat but also to receive the message you flee . Still, it's not gonna change.

From: Vinnie Monday, April 26, 06:32AM

Actually, I think the imms have been planning a retreat skill that would work somewhat like that. Since it would be a skill, you'd have to satisfy the stat requirements and spend a practice, of course. In the meantime, you can set your wimpy to max, if you want to auto- matically flee -- you'll still flee in a random direction, though.

From: Jean Monday, April 26, 01:53PM

Personally, I think it's absurd that you're so panicked you can't even pick the direction you flee in- it takes next to no skill to figure that out real life.

From: Jean Monday, April 26, 01:53PM

p.s. I thought pkillers wanted a challenge, not sitting ducks.

From: Ronnie Monday, April 26, 03:39PM

Part of the challenge is in keeping your calm while running. Plus, if your running from what you think might be a near death experience, which direction the sun is setting in wouldnt be a top priority when you start to run.

From: Wuss Monday, April 26, 06:44PM

if you have wimpy/high enough dex/in a room with plenty of exits, fleeing is never hard. part of the skill is realizing which way you fled by reading the room description, anyway.

From: Danar Sunday, April 25, 08:55PM

If you're running scared, you run in whichever direction your opponent happens to not be in. least, that's my experience.. Danar

From: Satan Sunday, April 25, 11:51PM

I don't much care about the randomness, but it would be extremely convienant to see WHICH WAY you flee. When kick/fleeing a mob, I get annoyed hunting him everytime i flee because I can't remember which room he/she was in. Point being, how bout an extra line of message written in when we flee. XXXX flees to the north. It almost makes tooooo much sense!

From: QuacK Tuesday, April 27, 01:37AM

Personally I like not knowing where I fled in those nice circle type areas like the Savannah or the Greek waters with the nice dogfishes I would atleast like to know if I fled in the direction I was intending to go and continue on my merry way to Circe's or fled backwards or sideways a and wonder where I should go. And ofcourse I do love playing 2nd Circle characters who don't get hunt un until level 30 something cuz them nice magical word type things are soooooooo very nice to get at low levels QuacK BLEED

From: Jean Wednesday, April 28, 12:59AM

in append 5, Ronnie writes: (1) we apparently all have compases in our heads here, because, day or not, we know the cardinal directions- or atleast until we hit things like that desert next to agrabah- we still -seem- to know directions, but apparently our senses are messed up. Oh, what id do for a bonafide compass in a situation like that :-p. (2) that being the case, choosing a direction really isnt that hard. what I understand even -less- is when one gets this failed to flee thing. Man, the whole -concept- of flee. Suppose you know theres a wild boar in the next room and, far from fighting it, you just want to run -by- it. Even if it attacks you. But now, one has to be drawn into a fight and then have to -flee- it? Heres how one could make the system -really- good- instead of having to flee things even if one didnt initiate the fight, how about my idea- you type n n. On the first n, the boar attacks you (his room), on the next n, youre in the next room. But this boar is no fool- it -wants- you hide. So what does it do? Why, follow you ofcourse. And not at a sloths pace, no, this boar is right on your heels, trigger like. The boar would either have to tire of the chase or youd have to get to a safe room or to an ocean or something. Ofcourse, this introduces a whole other thing to ponder on- what happens if, say, a -turtle- is chasing you? then, ofcourse, the turtle might take somewhat longer to follow, if, indeed, it even tries. Yet another thing- what of a new stat; speed. I dont know how useful itd be as a primary stat, but if people could have different speeds of going to different rooms.. Case in point- one should be able to move faster riding a horse then by foot.

From: Jean Wednesday, April 28, 12:59AM

in append 6, Wuss writes: If you know the surroundings by heart, sure. Otherwise, it could be decision making time- scrollback or run and hope the mob or another isnt in the next room you run to- in real life, one might not know the cardinal directions without a compass, but one -does- usually know from where ones run from, as someone else has mentioned.

From: Jean Wednesday, April 28, 01:00AM

in append 7, Danar writes: < If you're running scared, you run in whichever direction your opponent happens to not be in. least, that's my experience..> Nods. And even running scared one wouldnt run over, say, a cliff edge (that could be a DT type thing). I also agree with what Satan says about knowing which direction one flees in atleast- if we always know which direction is which, why not? I also thought Quacks points were hilarious :-). but good ones too, i think.. havent been in Savannah or the Greek waters with the nice dogfishes :-), but his points sound valid.

From: Wraith Wednesday, April 28, 08:30AM

There are skills/spells to help you avoid those kinds of problems, but if they fail, you'll still end up fleeing in a panic and not know which way you went simply because you wanted -out-. Fleeing and staying alive being much more important than taking note of which direction you just went. ;) - Wraith


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