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Posted by Thyme on 04/26

ok, I'm a bit annoyed by this. I found out today my door is phasable. I have no real problem with that, my prob is with spending over 300k to purchase this house, and paying near 5k per day when there was no option to find out about what kind of door this house came with in the first place. and the fact that I have yet to see or hear about any type of aftermarket door, unlike locks, which you can buy damn near anywhere. I think this gives a GREAT advantage to one char type. I have tried (with 100 dex) to unpick locks again and again. out of about 200 tries (seriously), I've succeeded once. if people can buy locks that prevent me from picking, why can I not buy a door to prevent them from phasing? again, you are shafting snipers, and putting them at a MAJOR disadvantage. I would like to see all doors that are succeptable to one of the three ways of getting in them, that way there is this little thing called balance. it's not like mages don't already have the ad advantage already.. wfw is insane, but I won't even start on that subject, I'm too pissed ATM. Thyme. (just wants pk balance)

From: Yi Monday, April 26, 05:33PM

Hrm, when housing went in, I remember people saying that snipers were going to be overpowered because house doors couldn't be phased/broken. Now that they apparently can be, I guess the tides are turning. I'm not denying that clanhall doors should be more pickable than they are now. I'm also not denying that they should be phasable and breakable. -But- how can you claim that pk balance is so infinately screwed up, considering a few things. First, it's still incredibly risky for mages to try to phase into a house. If the mage loses the fight, chances are decent he won't get his eq back. And I haven't heard of too many mages that can cast phase naked. Second, consider that it's still easier to get into houses now--no matter what type of char you are--than it was to get into clanhalls before housing. Then, unless you had a traitor in the clan, there pretty much wasn't any way you were getting in. Now, it -is- possible, although unlikely. And I think it should stay unlikely, otherwise, what's the point of having a house at all? Just a few disconnected thoughts. Yi.

From: Marauder Monday, April 26, 05:38AM

Your point is about little mages being able to phase in, and little sniper people being able to pick locks. Wow, now I want to complain about second circle mages not being able to get into houses, also, my druid cant, and l lets not forget tanks, and surgeons, and etc etc... At your rate, everyone should be able to break into houses to create a sen se of "balance". First, I'll augment the door, then, I'll operate on it.. yada yada, balance schmalance, TWO charac types can break in... wow... Marauder - The Ramblings of Madness

From: Mac Monday, April 26, 06:45AM

I can imagine break door works as well as phase on these particular doors, a good deal of character types can use that. I don't think the problem is balance though, who can or cannot get in. If any types can get in, there seems no point in having a house. I'd rather rest in a safe room. Pick lock may work but very rarely, I feel safe enough behind 2 100/100 doors to rest up while AFK.

From: Ishtar Monday, April 26, 10:05AM

I am also concerned about this change to doors, and the lack of information regarding the ability to purchase protection against phasing and break door. I don't really believe this is a balance issue. I am a mage and have found that I can apparently phase through a phasable house door on the first attempt with 100% success. The welcome board message does imply that there are levels of phasability but I would like some info on whether this is a fixed feature which comes with the house (and if so, it should be possible to find it out beforehand) or can be changed buy purchasing a better door. I hardly see this as a change 'favouring mages' since mages now have to worry just as much about the consequences of other mages being able to walk through their doors as though they essentially aren't there. As to the point about the risk faced by a pkenabled mage phasing into a house; well its pretty much the same risk faced by a lock picker, since the time taken for a second successful pick is probably about equal to the time it would take a mage to gather the gear they need to phase ;). However, this assuems that people only try to get in during a fight. I'm more concerned about the fact that somebody can phase in to an empty house or clanhall at any time when the owner/s are not online and help themselves to whatever is there (in the case of pkill) not to mention reading the clanboards, in complete saftey. A phasable door may as well be left open for all the good it does. I do see one function of a clanhall as providing at least a moderate degree of security for posessions and private clan messages; while it should not be completely safe, it should take a very concerted effort to raid a hall and should be, as was stated, unlikely. This might be pegged as another pkill whine, however, I imagine many unclanned also don't want mages strolling casually through their locked doors and snooping around out of idle curiosity either, again making the door virtually redundant. I hope this isn't going to be the case, and would appreciate some more information about this change. Ishtar

From: Thyme Monday, April 26, 11:10AM

hrm, that's twice I've appended to the wrong board #. please see board 35, appends one and two, I don't feel like rewriting them.


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