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Posted by Wuss on 05/02

I can't stress this more -- can we have read next consult the gag list and skip posts from persons on the list? :P I mean, half of his posts are respam anyway. Wuss

From: Collins Tuesday, April 27, 01:53AM

I am at the point where I want to be able to skip Jeans posts as well.

From: Jealousy Tuesday, April 27, 10:06PM

I do agree as well. When someone starts comparing themself to a prophet, there are some problems there. I had stopped reading this board and after this don't intend to read this board again unless told I -HAVE- to. -Jealousy

From: Tarod Sunday, May 02, 08:17AM

There's info in this board I very much want. What I just do now is if the post is posted by Jean, I check appends and read all those NOT by him. Which would seem to be the command wuss is pushing and would be very welcome indeed. Tarod


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