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hypocrisy and avoidance

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Posted by Jean on 04/29

In light of recent events on this mud, Ive come to the conclusion that many people here are hypocritical- they in essence say that reading my quotes causes them immeasurable suffering yet they dont mind spending countless hours half mindlessly xping. Others avoid the topic, not wanting to be drawn in when they could simply spend lots of hours xping. I suppose most people are satisfied with this status quo, but that doesnt mean that its the best way of doing things. Personally, I think that if people were truly convinced about their views opposed to mine on things ranging from xp quotas to level and eq rent limits per level, theyd keep on debating the issues with me, regardless if there was quoted material or not. As it is, I have a feeling that the -real- determinant in people not responding to my posts anymore is an unconscious fear that perhaps Im right.

From: Mac Wednesday, April 28, 01:51AM

Look, I'd much prefer to enter the game at level 50 as all I want to do is pkill now but you don't see me trying to change the game to that extent. I enjoyed levelling up the first time despite it being slow and difficult as I discovered new agg mobs etc along the way. It still didn't take 1/10th the time as it does on other MUDs I've tried. You can't offer a quick and easy option to level as everyone's likely to take that route. You want to fast forward your way to the end as you've seen the movie before and don't care that you're ruining it for others. You can't expect the IMMs to just disgard all the work they put in. There'd be hardly any point in doing quests if you could level faster without them. I suggest you start your own MUD rather than wasting your time trying to change existing ones.

From: Rehetep Wednesday, April 28, 07:21AM

Well, I find this downright insulting, and i'm sure so does every other player that has several characters at level 50. If you think xping is 'boring', 'tedious' and 'mindless' what in the world are you doing on a MUD? You want discussion, there's usenet. If you want socialising, there's IRC. And it's not quoting I mind, it's spam. Quoting is pure spam, and fair bit of your posts is just repeating things you've already posted again and again. Anyway, lot of people here have put in a lot of time and effort in playing this game. It's because they like it. And they, me included, just can't accept criticism from people that don't put in simmilar effort in it. About people not wanting to discuss things with you: Perhaps if you tried to present your ideas in a manner that doesn't annoy the hell out of all the people here, you'd get better response? Everyone here has asked, begged, threatened and whatnot for you to keep your posts SHORT. And if you stubbornly refuse to accept that, how should people react? Did it ever accur to you you might be WRONG about this matter? Discussion isn't just repeating 'i'm right' over and over and over again. The fact some of your ideas are good makes things even worse. To sum up, people don't discuss with a pain in the neck. Stop being one and we can talk

From: Stradivari Wednesday, April 28, 03:30PM

As I can only speak for myself, I will say the determinant that has caused me to stop responding to your post is not a fear that you are right, but a conflict in philosophies on how to approach issues and how to debate them. I prefer a more positive approach to dealing with problems that need to be resolved. For instance, instead of complaining that people are not helping newbies, I just help them and try to motivate others to do so. As I have said, a negative approach usually (note the word "usually") leads to people becoming insulted, defensive, agitated, and unfriendly - which has occurred as a result of your posts. I am neither defending the actions of my fellow players, nor am I saying that your points are wrong or false, but that you have approached matters in a fairly ineffective manner. As a result, you have done little to change anything, except cause the MUD to become a bit more hostile (mainly towards you). Stradivari

From: Jean Thursday, April 29, 02:25AM

in append 1, Mac writes: So maybe youre just not as bold as i am? In any case, i wouldnt recommend just anyone starting at level 50- otherwise, why not just have one level and call it 1. I just think that one should have to do so much monotonous killing to get to the next level- quests and such are a far better way id think- the thing is that they currently dont give enough xp. Some of them are arguably too easy if you get help, but getting help for quests is harder then getting xping help (thats so much easier- just kill and use ones skills, no memorizing of what to do next involved). On the only mush that I spent a considerable amount of time on, people seemed to raise level by a higher ranking person given them more status.. experience being given by.. immortals maybe. But this is all such deep stuff- just, say, halving the number of kills needed in the higher levels might be a good idea for now. When I started out on muds, levelling held more charm too, must admit. On the only mud I actually levelled for a fair amount of time (tfc), it took about the same amount of time for the beginning levels anyways- at that time, though, i wasnt too unhappy with spending tons of time levelling. It was only afterwards that I found it pretty tedious and figured that we could all be spending more of our time in more productive ways. Just easier- easy is clearly a matter of interpretation, though. If there were enough good quests, I think it could be far from ruining it for others, but greatly enhancing their experience- because then killing would have a better purpose (needed to make a potion or because you have to get through some agg mobs to get this and that) then just to get xp. Ofcourse not. Maybe one day. But muds are a group thing- one has to get a certain amount of people who are interested in creating a mud with certain goals. Not to mention the fact that Ive never programmed even the slightest thing on a mud- so id basically need someone to do that. Not to mention the fact that I had been hoping i could just find an existing structure like legend and incorporate myself into its programming part in a relatively short period of time. When i was on here, I felt I was doing enough of this to be happy- i say when because now, to me, its just a waiting game until Sandra or some other immortal pulls the plug on my posting and perhaps even being here.

From: Jean Thursday, April 29, 02:28AM

in append 2, Rehetep writes: sorry to have offended you.. not my intent.. just trying to show how i felt about things on here at times.. talking to people.. Not the same community feeling from my experience anyways. Flames there can be truly horrendous. bossy ops there. and much less sophisticated environment. first, quoting and spam are different things. Then theyre the same. In any case, youve yet to prove that quoting is spam. People responding to my posts frequently repeat what the same type of things again and again. Until recently, I was dealing with that rather well, but it gets a little tedious when some people tell me the same points over and over as if i hadnt already rebutted those points; if theyd known, they would have responded to my rebuttal, not brought the points up like i hadnt seen them before- ironically, -im- the one accused of not listening; me, who quotes practically everything a person writes in order to -respond- to practically everything a person writes. Sigh. As ive mentioned many times before, I put a fair amount of effort into xping on other muds. Its just that after a while, it really does become old hat. If nothing else, one should atleast be able to have the eq one can acquire at an early level, because ive always found getting eq items far more interesting then xping. If youd received responses -half- as annoying as the ones ive received, my bet is that youd have thought me too kind. Perhaps very briefly. But then I thought of the many things that most of you seem to overlook. In any case, Ive made my points on posting and on other topics in various places (which you clearly arent writing in), so i wont go over them here. Assuming that thats the case, how does it make things worse :-p?

From: Jean Thursday, April 29, 02:33AM

in append 3, Stradivari writes: that doesnt make sense to me. If you have a different philosophy in writing, why not tell me before? At my level and my knowledge of areas, its hard to help most newbies much if theyre lost in most locations that arent right next to tara. I too try to motivate others to do so; its just that I choose a hey, whats with you guys? approach. Perhaps if i was perfect id be all hunky dory about it, but im not- i get distressed when 3 newbies need help and no ones helping any of them and I cant because all 3 needed/wanted help in locations i didnt know how to get to at the time (still dont for 2 of them). The 3 cases were- 2 of them need rescue missions and the 3rd just wanted a little bit of a guided tour since he was new to the mud. Ok, look, i didnt start out negative. I actually started out positive. But the accumulation of negative comments to my posts did have its toll, changing my posts to more negative as things went along. I don t think ive been that innefective, even when being negative- the fact that youre here talking about it is proof to that id think. I think pretty much exclusively towards me nowadays. In fact, if one were to remove me from the picture, things might even seem peaceful. The reason for this is that currently much negative energys focused on me. Perhaps I havent been understanding enough of why people are the way they are on here. In fact, let me rephrase that, I -know- I havent been. Im not perfect. What I find interesting, however, is how even you havent mentioned if people have been understanding enough with me.. or whether they were heavyhanded, arrogant, not paying attention to things im writing- ah, there i go again, criticizing, right? but i dont think im all wrong. What takes the cake for me is that i might be banned because I quote a little- of all the things in the world that could annoy, id think that thats one of the smallest.

From: Fairfax Thursday, April 29, 10:53AM

-laugh- Not content with annoying everyone who has read the discussion board in recent days, you go one step further by insulting everyone else who hasn't appended, claiming they're scared you're right. What can I say? I append, I lose, I abstain, you win. I suppose this has been your style all this while anyway, which is mainly why I do not bother. You dissect my posts, and by selective reporting you quote parts which you like, emphasise them out of context, and proudly claim to have rebutted me. Headbutted, perhaps, rebutted.. well.. if you did so in a respectable manner, most of us would have gladly engaged in a nice debate.. as it is, there's no point.. I might as well try talking to a mob. Try it.. you might like it - they don't talk back. I know I'd like it if you spent your time bothering mobs and not players. I can't believe I let someone annoy me so much.... but I suppose looking at the people who have already appended, and their respectable reputations, perhaps my annoyance is justified. Fairfax's player


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