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authoritarian actions

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Posted by Jean on 04/30

Too much of it and you lost a lot of creativity. i'm sure this could use more, but i just can't think of anything right now.. i wrote a good poem about authority here, though (different mud, same concept: http://www.purerave.com/-shade/tfc/notes/authority.htm

From: Bennet Wednesday, April 28, 05:50PM

-laugh- You've gone from praising the imms for their liberal attitudes to castigating them for being authoritarian? Well, jeez. Did you ever think that just -maybe- the imm's attitude towards you changed for a reason? Or are you just completely oblivious?

From: Jean Wednesday, April 28, 08:42PM

in append 1, Bennet writes: <-laugh- You've gone from praising the imms for their liberal attitudes> most liberal attitudes ive seen on any mud. still authoritarian to a certain extent though. to an extent this is only to be expected- theyre the ones that put in the money and money can be hard to come by- and programming expertise as well (we all put in time). still, they could technically be even -more- libertarian, but i guess thats too much to hope for at this time. Ofcourse. It seems ive become too much for even their liberal standards.

From: Jean Thursday, April 29, 09:25PM

in append 1, Wuss writes: Off the board, people kill each other- its not quite the same thing.. or is it? Either way you answer that question, it wont benefit you :-p. you and others have been expressing your contempt for me for a long time now. nothing was mentioned of that as far as i can see and i think thats fine- after all, i express my contempt for some of the actions you guys do too, he he :-p. Reactions one receives depends on 2 things- (1) ones own method of thinking (2) the methods of thinking of the people reacting. Certainly, most players are exiled for things that theyve done. That doesnt mean, however, that what theyve done is wrong. The whole idea of lynch mobbing is barbaric- the u.s. is ruled by a democracy, but lynching is still illegal because the populace, in its saner moments, realized that lynching is more negative then positive most of the time (there are, ofcourse, lynches that border or are revolutions.. thats something else :-p).


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