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Posted by Jean on 04/29

now i'm being harassing? i've heard of everything, but this takes the cake now i'm being harassing? i've heard of everything, but this take the cake. meanwhile, i'm getting the ultimate harassment- being threatened to be taken off- with my "criminal" actions, it's almost assured now. well, there you have it.

From: Bennet Wednesday, April 28, 05:52PM

Take a hint, you're not getting any sympathy votes here, either.

From: Amadio Thursday, April 29, 04:05PM

I'm usually pretty reluctant to say that a player is displaying what appears to be harrassing behavior. But in this case, Jean, you seem to fit the bill. You've disobeyed direct orders from the Head Admin of the mud, you've insulted people's intelligence and morals, and in short, you are pretty much the most annoying newbie I've ever seen. And I've seen quite a few. You are abrasive, obnoxious, attention-starved and yes, you are ignorant. With that off my chest, let me ask you- what do you hope to get out of this continuing battle with the rest of the mud? At this point you can't possibly think that any of your ideas will be listened to seriously, so wh possibly think that any of your ideas will be listened to seriously, so why do this?

From: Jean Thursday, April 29, 10:33PM

in append 2, Amadio writes: Harassment is now disobeying what i consider to be a dumb order? God, everyone likes defining words their own way these days :-p. Look, we all have different morals and id argue differing levels of intelligence. Ive certainly been insulted on both counts more then anyone else recently. So when I do a little myself, Im accused of harassing? Please. Well, I definitely stand up for what I believe in. Perhaps thats what you find so disturbing. Far less abrasive then many people on here.. according to you anyways. Hardly. If I were that, Id be trying to get xp just like everyone else on this mud so i could show off my muscle as some people like to do- what i want is to make things better, not necessarily get attention. How so? Sigh. You dont understand the way influence works. There was a point in time when I got pretty depressed, as no one was answering my posts- technically, one could have thought id won- id had the last word -everywhere-. But that was far from the truth, as it could have meant that people were simply ignoring me. Even being ignored doesnt mean you dont have influence, but its not the influence im after- that one is one where they work to shut you out; so you influence them to be insular. I -want- people to comment on what they think of my ideas; ofcourse, i also want people to be civilized and -really- listen to what im saying instead of just giving it the token gesture. And then -respond- to my latest points, not the first post in a 50 append message, say. But one thing at a time.


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