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Constructive criticism vs. destructive criticism.

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Posted by Amadio on 04/29

From: Amadio Wednesday, April 28, 10:33PM

Bleh, lost link, forgot what I was going to say. Short version: criticism is healthy, but don't do it like Jean did. Criticise the mud, criticise the imms, but for god's sake be mature and nasty confrontations like the one that just happened can be avoided. Amadio Alvarado. p.s.- Join Clan Lustful Spaniard!

From: Jean Thursday, April 29, 02:38AM

constructive is definitely better then destructive or negative criticism. but personally, i'd rather be jolted into awareness of a problem then not to be told of it at all. following that line of logic, one could say that my destructive criticisms helped break down the walls of insulation that can block out a lot of stuff that's really happening outside of one's own little world (i'm thinking of newbies, kosovars, etc. here). Anyways.

From: Flower Thursday, April 29, 03:53AM

KOSOVARS????????? what now you're likening us to invading serbians?? (or however you spell that) god Jean. Grow up.

From: Jean Thursday, April 29, 09:37PM

in append 3, Flower writes: Hardly. Im thinking youre like north americans that are all concerned when deaths happen in their heartland but are frightfully unconcerned when it happens in, say, kosovo. That is changing, however.. slowly.. i learned a very bitter thing the other day, considering that im a canadian- i learned that the government lied about kosovars not wanting to come here- that, in fact, theyd love to; riots going on down there in albanian refugee camps.. lies, so many lies.. motives hidden.. people saying theyre upset about my quoting when its really about what im saying.. saying i dont listen when theyre the ones who dont read my posts.. let the newbies starve or waste away lost in limbo while they get that bit of extra xp they were looking for.


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