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Posted by Christopher on 05/01

Hello?!?!?!?!?!? Mr/Ms Jean type person (I hear your a him) Can we say....... Sandra writes (and I misquote) Pasting peoples previous messages in an append is redundant, a bit much and over all A WASTE OF TIME SUMMARIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I do belive Sandra, being of the Head Admin type of Immort as is previously stated in a prior message Hold on, let me not paste it here... (append 2, board 54) anyway where was I... oh.. And I do believe (oooh caught that typo above there?) Sandra being that blah blah like I said Immort, having said something --I forget now, cuz I've been writing so much-- about not pasting all that stuff there and yet you CONTINUE to paste your little heart away, paste paste paste FACT: All of Jeans pastings can stretch from Tara to Industrial London FACT: It's waaaay to late at night for me to be writing on boards FACT: I have a very erratic and irrational writing style I LOVE LEGEND (to gain more sympathy votes for moi -teehee-) Um..... oh that's it Thanks :) Christopher (or my player anyway) tra la la where did I put that @ thing... -rummages around in pockets- -looks in the desk drawer- Oh here it i-....

From: Brew Friday, April 30, 01:43AM

erratic and irrational? I thought it was rather well stated Kudos to you, Christopher's Player -Brew's Player

From: Brew Friday, April 30, 01:47AM

I FIGURED IT OUT! Do thwart Jean's pastings all you have to do is completely fill every line when you type, just keep typing until you get that nifty message.. I' That line was too long and has been truncated: GENIUS, isn't it? He can't paste those lines because his added <> signs will mess them up. It creates MORE work for him to shift all the words over and more work and the words he shifts down move the whole thing over even more comprende? Mucho Trabajas, Si? Pooooooor Pooooooor Jean -cackle- -Brew

From: SabuT'aro Friday, April 30, 11:19AM

Are you on drugs man? I think you need to lay off the coffee...

From: Dworkin Friday, April 30, 07:30PM

Why do you think Jean cuts the quotes, and his responses, down to half the line length? He already has a solution to your solution... Sorry, Brew

From: Christopher Saturday, May 01, 02:06AM

Coffee? Ick (waits for responses from Urg and Natalia and half the mud)

From: Jean Saturday, May 01, 06:53PM

to reply to this posting in any other way then to descredit it would be a waste of my time. so i'll just descredit it :-p. if you're serious, read -all- my posts in the "posting" thread. otherwise, you'll always be in the minor leagues when it comes to this debate.


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