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Posted by Ulric on 05/02

You people should all be ashamed of yourselves for being so utterly and ridiculously oversensitive. Jean posts a few appends with some quoting in it, and you all freak out. I really hope its simply the quoting and not the content of the message that has you all worked up, because Jean isnt the first 'newbie' to state some of these opinions, except he's the first to get this much attention. Uncle Ulric wants to teach everyone a new word today.. Hypocrisy, something that frequently happens with such utterly superficial topics as this. Example - I, along with others, complained about the frivolous rp clan creation... I was told by the powers that be that they (being whoever) can create any clan they wish no matter how ridiculous due to the fact that 'its their right to do so.' Yet I find it wholly ironic that Jean here is being insulted and told to LEAVE of all things because he is quoting posts, which is HIS RIGHT TO DO SO. You people all need to get a clue. This is just one example of a million I could name of the superficial behavior many of you display on a day to day basis. If you dont want to read his freakin posts.. DONT READ THEM. I personally cant stand Ceri's retarded death/info messages.. however I ignore them! She wont stop because she wants to be stubborn, and I respect that. If jean doesnt want to stop, then let it go! Here's another handy little tip for all you people who think that yelling at people solves everything - if you ignore the things that are annoying (but not destructive in the least bit - jean) then they go away... magically! Look what happened to Angesley.. I ignored them after a while.. and they went away (short lived however). I personally am going to take Jean under my wing, and harbor his obviously incredible riot-causing posting skills. Anyone who can get that much attention is highly useful for our nihilistic cause. I just find it hilarious that this all started for such a small incident... really get a grip. I've seen much more serious incidents hardly unargued.. yet when relatively newcomer Jean over here says a few silly things and uses <>'s to quote other posts.. you all blow an O-ring. May you all suffer eternal quoting from Jean.. Lord Ulric - benevolent Lawyer for the oppressed "If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed." -Einstein

From: SkaTeBoaRDeR Friday, April 30, 02:52AM

I think Uncle Ulric is right. You people should be appalled! Even you imms are doing likewise! tsk tsk What ever happened to player rights? And Ulric is right. If you don't like the way he writes, then don't READ IT! You people make me gag. Of all things! I'm gonna keep tabs on the discussion board CLOSELY... And...who knows? Maybe a few will find themselves added to my ignore list. Extreme you say? Well don't you think Jean thinks it is extreme that you are so evil to him? Sure he has some whacked ideas and ways of bringing them across, but that's discrimination! And I think Ceri is spammy too -hide- but she's nice so who cares? Plus there is a nice little feature that allows you to turn info off. :-p -SkaTeBoaRDeR [SPICE] Look! I found two cents! I think I'll share them with you! -fizzle-

From: Ulric Friday, April 30, 02:53AM

Oh yah, another lesson Uncle Ulric forgot to teach.. Stop eating glue, it gives you constipation. Oh and another thing I've noticed through the years I've been here. It seems that from time to time people have to pluck out one mudder (usually just deemed annoying) and will release their aggressions or frustrations on that person and pratically make him/her a pariah. The fact that some of you suggested that Jean leave the mud because of his views are unpopular, is the true crime here. You people can go to hell in my opinion.. I wouldnt miss any of you (the ones that suggested leaving the mud obviously) I'll let Jean quote that for added affect in a later append. Lord Ulric - Sensei of the infamous Jean

From: Ghandi Friday, April 30, 06:01AM

If we don't like them don't read them? I don't like being spammed and I'm not about to give up using READ NEXT because of one person. Would it be within my rights to write the same word over and over again just for the hell of it? I don't think there's a rule againt that yet.

From: LadyAce Friday, April 30, 09:55AM

I think that when a player's particular style of using a given medium, makes that medium difficult for others to use according to its intended purpose, then it's our duty to require that person to use the medium in a manner which permits others to exercise their right to use it as well. Something like, your right to swing your arms about, ends, at the tip of the other fellow's nose. And as for clans -- there are many ways to enjoy the mud, and we try to leave as many of those methods open as possible. Social clans/mutual assistance clans are an aspect of community building, as are RP clans. If we get to a point where the number of social type clans is interfering with the addition of new RP clans, we may need to revisit how open we are to various types of clans, but until that point, I'd like to see the free market take its toll, and see how the membership works out. -LA

From: Amadio Friday, April 30, 11:53AM

It's not Jean's message I object to, but the manner in which he delivers it. If that's hypocrisy, so be it. But I don't intend to start taking moral lessons from you any time soon, Ulric.

From: SkaTeBoaRDeR Friday, April 30, 07:24PM

well...that's interesting Ghandi. so the only reason you are mad at Jean is because you are too lazy to type read board # # instead of read next? How cruel. And I read your post LA, but I still don't see how Jean is hurting people or how your illustration applies. And to Amadio: -laugh- you're funny -poke last line about Ulric- Well, I'm gonna be true to my post. -SkaTeBoaRDeR

From: Ulric Friday, April 30, 08:19PM

Lemmie clear up some arguments here... According to ladyace, we are supposed to 'require' others to use this medium of communication in the way its intended. Good point, however it falls waaaaaay too short. Last time I remember, we have international players that mud here and many of them dont have particularly good english. Should we attack them for using poor grammar or non-english words in their posts because its incorrect? I personally think a few people that mud here are particularly ignorant and couldnt find their way out of a port-o-pottie, should I request that they be disallowed to post anything because of their ignorance? Quoting is annoying I agree, but the fact that many of you are insulting jean and almost requesting site-ban, and at the least deletion is particularly disturbing to me. This mud may be a 'privilage' of sorts, but this is just slightly short of oppression, and at the least ridiculous. You people really need to get out more.. The world is full of people who dont necessarily participate like you would wish them to. As for the people who whine about having to hit READ NEXT twice to skip past posts they dont want to read.. (this goes for you Ghandi) __Your all a bunch of f'n idiots, I fear for anyone who is forced to put up with your whining. If you all wish to throw the proverbial gas in the flame, I'll be happy to sit here with my flamethrower and bring us all down one notch. After all, I have no morals and will dip to any level.. right Amadio?

From: Amadio Friday, April 30, 09:06PM

Yeah, that's pretty much right.

From: Ghandi Friday, April 30, 08:57PM

How about I spam you whenever I see you, all you need do is sleep or leave the room. MANY have found Jean's quoting annoying and rather than change his ways to suit not just us but the 'threaded' message system, he's decided to be stubborn about it for no good reason. It's obvious he just enjoys argument for the sake of argument and we won't put up with that kinda crap for long.

From: Cicatrize Saturday, May 01, 03:17AM

Ulric is a genius Why...we could have the Imms delete all the Non-Jean posts! because the original post is not needed after the re-paste And I wish I had known there was a "Read Next" here I thought I had to keep pressing "Up" (to repost) and then delete the last append and enter the next I learn something new everyday.

From: Jean Saturday, May 01, 07:45PM

(part 1 of 2) Ulric writes: I wish id known that before. Well, nice to know now : ). Anyways, about the reason as to why people dont like my posts- i actually -hope- that the reason they dont like my posts really has little to do with quoting- its such a lame reason, considering the fact that either not using read next or just typing read next a few times (perhaps with a few returns in between if youve got screenlen active) will solve the problem. Again, I bring to everyones attention the hypocrisy in supposedly being -happy- while xping for hours on end and yet grouching about skipping my posts here. If anyone should be upset, it should be -me-- i have to repeat, over and over and over again, the same reasons for quoting, for wanting this or that idea, simply because people dont want to read all the appends in a post. But I dont- im perfectly willing to accept that most people dont have -nearly- as much time as I presently do to think of these issues, let alone want to; So I repeat my reasons many times for many different people. But people push things -too far- when they complain about a little read next typing. The rights of people here is defined by the immortals, so theyre technically right. But not only that, id like to say that I dont mind clans being created for any reason wished for- i mean, why not? If the clan doesnt have much substance to it, itll die out soon anyways. As to me being able to post here, there -is- one alternative, that ive been thinking about for a bit of time now, if creating a gag feature for the ooc discussion board is so difficult- create another board, created specifically for me- call it the Jean board :-p. Hopefully it could be just one north of the ooc discussion board so i wouldnt have to walk much further to get to it :-). What I could then do is look at the ooc discussion board, read the messages there, then reply on the ooc discussion board with a simple replied to in message 48 or replied to in message 48, append 3 of my Jean board. Itd be nice if i could still have the option of writing on the ooc discussion board without quoting or perhaps even a 1 or 2 sentence quote, for the time when theres annoying people criticizing me on the ooc discussion board yet who refuse to check out mine. But this is a last ditch solution in the event that its impossibly hard to do the board gag thing that Wuss suggested or the imms, despite the wishes of all the players that want this feature, dont want to be bothered.

From: Jean Saturday, May 01, 07:46PM

(part 2 of 2) Ulric writes: I thought she wasnt allowed to do that anymore? Ceris posts is one example where i actually -do- think its spamming- theyre automatic messages that can wreck conversation on the info channel. The most peaceful solution might be to be able to gag a person -everywhere-, not just in tells- in channels, boards, etc. Each selective- so to gag a person tell, youd type tgag person and to ban me in chattype channels like info and chat, youd type cgag person or to gag me in boards, youd type bgag person. Finally, if youd just like to gag the person -everywhere-, just type egag person. Now -thats- what id call a solution :-). But if thats incredibly difficult, one could just create a special channel for Ceri so that who wanted to here her automated infos could listen to it through there. Well, if -everyone- ignores them, yes. But im hardly being ignored by everyone, he :-p. Tell me of this angesley? And you say they.. she was more then one person? lol :-). lol :-). on the subject of nihilism, id like to say that while i have many views that would counter the traditional values and beliefs, i in know way think that existence is senseless and useless- that sounds like the perfect suicide fodder. while i sometimes might think that the benefits of living arent enough to go on living :-p, that hasnt been too often.. i know eh :-)?. Thinking about this for a while though, im thinking that the -only- people who might have a true claim here are the immortals- do they -have- to read -all- the posts (with appends) in this board? If they do, why? I mean, if theres anything thats -really- important going on here, im sure a player who has more time or is more interested in this board could tell them. lol :-). :-) <"If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed." -Einstein> I love that quote, he :-). personally, i live for myself; if im happy with what ive accomplished, im happy. Note that, despite what some may think, im -very- sensitive bake filet fairly good idea of whats absurd- that my quoting is making this board unbearable, say :-p. anyways, heres to things getting better in the future.

From: Jean Saturday, May 01, 07:51PM

in append 2, Ulric writes: Lol :-). god, youre funny ulric, he :-). anyways, i was thinking of resisting the temptation of quoting this, but after reading it the second time, i just thought i just -had- to, he he :-). anyways, i agreed with pretty much you whole append, so this is all i have to say, heh :-).

From: Jean Saturday, May 01, 08:39PM

in append 3, Ghandi writes: thats right- whats so hard to understand about that? read my what wuss said... for solutions to this problem.. possibly not, but thered be no -point- in that. for as of yet uncontested reasons as to why i quote for -readers-, read board 48, append 36 (theres no quotes in it so youll be happy :-p). and ofcourse, it just saves me plenty of time from paraphrasing as well- not to mention the fact that if you read my posts without the quoting, some parts would either not make sense or could mean many different things, as i pointed out to Dworkin in board 48, append 41.

From: Jean Saturday, May 01, 10:42PM

in response to LadyAces comments (append 4): read board 62 to see how the whole problem of having to see board messages one doesnt want to see could be eliminated. Also, a bunch of other problems as well. As to your point about clans- as long as people are having fun, what does it matter what type of clans one has on here? If theres more unrp clans then rp clans, perhaps people just like that type more.

From: Jean Sunday, May 02, 01:23AM

in append 5, Amadio writes: No, thats not hypocrisy- what i was labelling hypocrisy is that, on the hand, people were telling me that tediously levelling was fun, yet on the other, they were saying that going through a few quotes was unbearably tedious? the only way this could not be hypocrisy, ofcourse, is if levelling isnt tedious. Id -love- to here the arguments for -that- one, he he :-p. Ive heard some vague rumblings about fighting for your life- well, i dont know about you, but -i- wouldnt risk life and limb just to get a few levels- ofcourse, on here you dont -really- die; you just lose some xp (which means you have to do more of that tedious xping) and you have to go fetch your eq (unless you hit a dt, in which case you have to get new eq, which is annoying id think- where, exactly, the fun is, i still fail to see :-p). Quests are good, but ive heard it told to me often enough- you cant get to 50 on quests. They also seem to be a -lot- harder to do, especially if you dont know how to get to distant cities (this, ofcourse, is assuming you have an inside track on how to -do- the quest- im not even sure how to figure out quests myself, though that may change) You later go on to say that you dont think Ulric has any morals- why do you think that?

From: Danar Sunday, May 02, 03:52PM

An argument for leveling being more interesting than reading thousands of posts? all right. See, this is a MUD primarily for those people who LIKE fighting and leveling. While RP is certainly a very important concern, it's (as you'll see if you listen to chat for fifteen seconds) very much secondary. As such, it has a lot of fighting and a lot of leveling. If you don't like combat, fine, good for you, you're a better person than I am - any psychologist would immediately call my amusement at dicing up hounds of Cullan a reaction to the lack of aggression therapy in my personal life. But this is a fighting MUD, not a MUSH. Violence is a way of life here. Therefore, ergo, and thusly, the reason I don't mind fighting a lot but do mind reading tedious posts is because I find fighting to be very much enjoyable, and I don't find reading posts inherently that enjoyable - I can read anywhere, but I can only fight here ;P Danar

From: Krystal Sunday, May 02, 06:09PM

first off, id like to say that, yes, im jean, using another of my characters. Im doing this because Jean was denied access to boards. Im perfectly aware that this might get me banned but frankly, after the pathetic reason given for denying me access to the boards, the chance of getting one more post in means more to me then getting banned for the same pathetic reason that i was denied access to boards for (im too spammy or whatever- a claim ive denied and shown much evidence against, but which the imms and many players dont seem to care about). in append 17, Danar writes: I think you give me a little -too- much credit- i didnt write -thousands- of posts :-p. all right. See, this is a MUD primarily for those people who LIKE fighting and leveling.> oh, i like levelling too- its the amount of xp you have to get per level thats annoying. Ive listened for far longer then that and contributed a few times as well and i havent come to that conclusion at all. The reason for this, id think, is to make it so that the haves can maintain their higher standing longer- ive had conflicting reports of whether the old xp system was easier or harder- apparently, it was easier on the lower levels if you werent getting power levelled, but it was harder if you -werent- getting power levelled. In any case, i know that some people (including bronwyn, who told me once that shed spent 4 YEARS getting herself levelled up) still found it fairly tedious even back then. The main argument that it seems Bronwyn and others expound as to the reason that levelling not be made easier is because -they- had to get as bored as all hell getting to 50. Which suggest that they think we should have to go through the same torture that they went through getting up.. otherwise, you see, itd cheapen the level theyd gotten to. To me, this suggests that some peoples self esteem on here is based -way- too much on how much they can kill. I like this place, whatever you want to call it. Perhaps I -do- like some aspects of a mush to a certain extent. However, ive been to 2- both of them seemed -far- to complicated to get into. There wasnt such a big player base on either as well. Perhaps you could attribute this to the fact that most people like killing, but perhaps a -bigger- reason is the higher ease of use on muds. Then why read my posts? Or is it that even typing read next is killing you?


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