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Posted by Azash on 05/02

Next time, if you want to give me warning Kaige, do it sometime when I'm online or not afk. And make some rules for it. I read everyting about clan and stuffs about i it. There wasn't something about not tell stats on an eq by using clan channel Hmm, it means nothing for you.. I know it. I got warning, that's all what I can make about it. No one will be interesting, it is my first clanned character who is clanne And everyone can make mistake... Okay, that's all what I wanted to say. Azash

From: Stradivari Saturday, May 01, 04:10PM

Read section 10 of help rules. Strad

From: Azash Saturday, May 01, 06:31PM

Yeah, hmm, this is there. I read it 15 or more moths ago. Maybe they can put this at clan help too.. :((

From: Tarod Sunday, May 02, 08:50AM

That would rock. Tarod


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