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Posted by Jean on 05/03

ok, beware anyone who doesnt want to take a look at the world the way i see it (with a little creative license :-) ).. now, im not sure about all the classifications yet.. they just kind of go along with oz, but they can be changed to something else if a good suggestion is made for them.. ok, well, i can see this place as a kind of oz. we have sandra, the wicked wizardess of the west, while sabella is the good wizardess of the west and ladyace is the good, but stern, wizardess of the east. Theres also a head wizardess (kaige) and head wizard (ptah) of all of oz, but one doesnt see them around much :-). Then theres the king, which would be wuss :-), and the queen, which would be bronwyn :-). the king is kind of a scholar in his spare time when hes not killing his citizens just to show them -why- hes king :-p. then we have the general populace and then we have the renegades, ruby and craven and some others. ok, well, skateboarder would be the scarecrow (he thinks hes not good at posts i think, but i think hes pretty good :-) ) ulric would be the tin man (in reference to Amadio saying hes got no morals in board 58, append 5) and ronnie might be the lion (he posted something early, but thats all i could see). Dorothy would be Mice and Unfrozen would be Toto :-). And me? Well, cmon, its my story.. id be one of the wizards of oz :-), the one of the city of blue quartz. Unlike most wizards, though, i dont really have a lot of spells- the only spell he -really- has is in attracting attention and gaining good friends in the nick of time : ). He does the former with what he considers to be his excellent oratory skills :-) and he does the latter with just plain luck ;-). now, the storyline :-)- the truth is, the wizards had a crush on bronwyn since almost the start. but he likes to think he hides it well (well, ok, maybe badly, but hes -trying- :-p). Until recently, though he really -did- think that Sandra was as wicked a wizardess as everyone seemed to think, -especially- when she told him he was such a bore in his speeches that he liked to announce throughout oz :-). but now, hes gotten a crush on her too (sigh). Now initially, he thought Sabella was out to get him too, but only at first glance, whereupon he realized that she was the most easy going of them all. As for ladyace, she seems stern in her ideas of justice, but in the ending, in her last speeches, hes beginning to be reminded of a legalistic lawyer attempting to get away justify her path of thought by using that lawyer talk now that shes no longer as sure of herself as she once was on things, he he :-). The king is -tired- of my speeches and has decided to sound proof his castle to my pronouncements and only wishes that he was able to shut his windows properly (a design flaw that he hopes will soon be fixed by one of the powerful wizardesses or wizards :-) ). The queen is similarly tired and does likewise, along with almost all the rest of the populace. Mices kind of taken a hiatus from the story because shes decided its so much funner following the paths -in between- here and the city of quartz or any other city for that matter :-). So that leaves the 3 males of the story to kind of find a way out of their troubles -without- dorothy to help them, he :-). Seeing the brick road, off they go in search of what they want- soon enough they find the wizard of blue quartz and find him in a pitched battle with -2- of the wizardesses, not to mention the king and queen and all of their loyal : ). It seems that the wizardesses and the had gotten into a tussle of the wizards speeches- too boring! said some, you quote -far- too much said others too spammy! said others (different people would mean different things on that one though, so he wasnt very happy with that answer). he was trying his best to respond to everyone, but some of the wizardesses were getting might impatient and were thinking of just -zapping- him to silence even his defenses, as he also quoted in his defenses and was spammy according to atleast one of the wizardesses :-p. Well, who was first into the fray but the lion himself :-). However, he soon remembered that he was a fearful lion and left the fray soon after. But soon after, the tin man and the scarecrow went right into the fray :-). The tin man, however, was seriously wounded when someone accused him of having no morals. The scarecrow fought on, but now it was time for the wizard to fight for one of his new wounded friends, and so asks Amadio -why- he thinks that Ulric has no morals.. (to be continued, if viewer demand is high enough :-) ).

From: Grigor Sunday, May 02, 04:20AM

That was an encounter in the surreal. Mostly, the lion has been doing community service somewhere for eaten defenseless rabbits or something I think. Or he checked the board and forgot about stuff after one post as is his habit. Ill write something longer and more inspiring later when it isnt 5am

From: Amadio Sunday, May 02, 11:27AM

This just gets funnier and funnier...

From: Amadio Sunday, May 02, 12:15PM

From: Ulric Sunday, May 02, 05:44PM

Heh, very interesting. Never really saw myself as the heartless tin man, but its a fine allusion. :) Difference is, the tin man wanted his heart.. I fear that I know that it would only hold me back. -wink-

From: Krystal Sunday, May 02, 07:11PM

in response to ulric: well, things are somewhat different in my story, he :-). in my story, the tin man thinks he doesn't need a heart.. what he doesn't realize is he's already got one of gold :-). i don't know when i'll see you again old man.. 'til next we meet.. maybe arctic mud www.arcticmud.com . i'm going to try it anyways.. krystal, a.k.a. jean

From: Deirdre Sunday, May 02, 08:11PM

Note to self: avoid ArticMUD.

From: Adonis Sunday, May 02, 08:12PM

think we should warn them?

From: Mystery Monday, May 03, 06:42AM

We can only hope that the flying house lands on one particular person. No, no, not Jean. It would bee too easy that way... but perhaps his CRACK SUPPLIER!!!! Sheesh. -Mystery

From: Kaige Monday, May 03, 10:32AM

Does this mean if you start playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and log into Legend at the right moment that everything will line up really nifty? Hmm...-closes her curtain again and goes back to work...- -Kaige

From: Amadio Monday, May 03, 11:43AM

Follow the Quiet Road! Follow the Quiet Road!

From: Moonlight Monday, May 03, 07:11PM

chuckle :-p. music gives me strength, but the only thing that can make things line up real nifty for me is you immortals. Well, I see that Krystal was deleted. I actually put a bit of work into Krystal (got up to level 3). This character certainly doesnt have that distinction- itd certainly be able to make more like this one. Anyways, in terms of musical tastes, I havent heard much from Pink Floyd, but ive been listening a fair amount to Deleriums Consensual Worlds and Metamorphisis from their Semantic Spaces album.


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