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Posted by Tarn on 05/04

Hi, As you may know I have been away for a month or so, and upon my return, I wanted to catch up on this board. It has been a nightmare. I don't have unlimited access, I get a set hours of net time per day, and have to pay more per hour for extra time. Normally this board is full of concise posts, that debate, and yes, sometimes argue, points relevant to the game. Some posts are long, but most are short and to the point. I find a board that has taken me hours to wade through, hours that I could have been socialising, helping newbies, or even (shudder) gaining xp. Hours that I have to pay for. It would be nice if all posters could consider that not everyone has unlimited access to the internet, yet still take an interest in this board. Please, try to keep posts brief, to the point, and don't rehash and restate everything. It's not just one person who has been 'guilty' of this. On another note, I personally am offended by some of the comments that have been made comparing the players of this mud to lynch mobs, references to Kosovo, etc. I am insulted by comments that we do not help newbies. I am usually willing to help those who are willing to help themselves, as are most of the players here, imho. BTW, has the person who has been making references to Kosovo consider that we may have players who live near there, or have relatives who are over there right now? Sorry this turned out to be longer than I intended. Tarn of the USL

From: Nothing Sunday, May 02, 11:30AM

Yah, lay off the Kosovo stuff, if ground troops are sent, I'll most likely be the first to go.

From: Krystal Sunday, May 02, 05:51PM

in response to tarn, why not just copy posts from here and paste them into your favourite word processor? hen you can respond in your word processor and finally copy and paste it in here. just remember, you have to format it so that the lines have returns on them within.. a certain amount of characters.. experiment until you find the limit of characters you can put on a line.. i tried inputting numbers in and the limit was 74 characters (a space is still a character by the way).

From: Tarn Sunday, May 02, 07:36PM

Ok, now you've made me mad. I -tried- to be reasonable. I hate hypocrisy and that is what I see here. A certain player -will not- change their style of using this board, but the rest of us have to, it seems. We have to scroll past the quotes. We have to -my god- copy and paste into a word processor to read this board. Why should -we- all change when someone else refuses to do so. The point of this board is DISCUSSION. I dont see a lot of that. I see of lot of personal battles, somebody's personal crusade against all the injustices of the world, and their sense of martyrdom when we (at first politely) say please don't do that, then tell them in stronger terms. If you don't want to xp, fine, you don't have to. You can socialise. But if you want to get into loooooong discussions where you can repeat yourself ad nauseam, you don't want a mud, you want Usenet. You can do your discussing on Usenet, and just come here and socialise, have fun without stepping on any toes, and quest, and learn, and explore, and even -shudder- learn how to use your skills and spells and gain that dreaded xp you seem so afraid of. The xp scale for newbies is much much better than it was a year ago. Ask anyone whos been around about the old level 6. The game limits you want to push so hard (too hard imho) are there for a reason. Those reasons have been explained to you, when you have actually made suggestions and not turned the discussion into a general slanging match of ' you said and I said and they said and no one is listening to poor me and I'm going to get banned for just stating my point of view'. I'm sure you have some great ideas. Suggest away and leave it at that, don't insist on arguing your point ad infinitum, please. Otherwise we will just skip your posts and miss your potentially great ideas. And, please try and make an effort to learn the game, so that you have a better grasp of the implications of the ideas you come up with. I have never seen so many otherwise -nice- people get so mad. Some of the nicest people I know here have posted to the many many Jean/Krystal threads. That saddens me. You have also raised old emnities, giving people who dislike each other reasons to sling off at each other, merely by your refusing to listen to the many many voices who have responded to you. Once again, my apologies for this long spammy post, but as I said at the beginning of this post, you've made me mad. Tarn of the USL sadly watching the mud community brawling

From: Moonlight Tuesday, May 04, 01:51AM

in append 3, Tarn writes: I feel likewise. Ive already mentioned where i see hypocrisy (read hypocrisy and avoidance for details). I fail to see where you mention hypocrisy though.. perhaps you were speaking of what i had already mentioned :-p? Not true- you can skip my messages entirely if you want. not that thats true, but youre saying thats a horrifying prospect :-p? In any case, once again, you dont have to read my posts. personal battles can count as discussion.. at this point, a rather violent one, where im being denied access and deleted and i retaliate with calling those actions pathetic. If things continue the way they are though, ill be gone and youll presumably have your wished for appropriate discussions :-p. Sounds about right. Now what you have to ask yourself is, even if youre right, was it necessary to deny me access? giving me a board, say, would have aleviated all of your problems and left me happy too. Im not the only person whos unhappy with the results, but when the immortals start trampling a player, even friends will desert one.. Not as much community feel on usenet. You know where the term flame came from? Trust me, usenet can be -pretty- trying to ones nerves sometimes.. Not afraid of the xp- just afraid of becoming an automaton whos just a little better then a mob for countless hours. They also say that the xp scale for higher ups is worse then it was a year ago- and that, in general, it was easier before (especially if you powerlevelled up on the newbie levels) Reasons which i challenged- after a bit of a discussion, the challenges still stand, only modified by the stuff i learned from people i discussed these issues with. laugh :-p. thats happened for all of about a day. Believe me, ill -never- have to worry about people just skipping me altogether- far before that, some immortal will deny me board access or delete me or ban me- they think that just getting rid of the disturbance will solve the problem. Its like modern medicine- treat the symptom of the problem and everything will be fine. To anyone who knows much about alternative medicines, such as naturopathy, the idea is pretty dumb- what you want to do is take out the -cause-. The cause of the problems here is that people would rather force a person to be the way you are or banish him/her, instead of perhaps finding a little niche (say, a board made for the person) where the person could just do their own thing and have like minded people see him. Its possible that no one would pay attention to my board- -then- I would worry and perhaps even change my ways. But this is all hypothetical- it doesnt seem like ill be getting the chance to see how successful id be with my own board as Sandra, at the very least, doesnt want to make me one. I have and i think i know a fair amount now. about the enmities thing, believe me, it was just waiting to come out- furthermore, if youre talking about ulrics idea about clans, i actually didnt agree with him on that- perhaps eventually softening his views on that. He certainly doesnt seem to be talking about it anymore. With that, adieu.


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