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how to get your own board under current rules

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Posted by Tarn on 05/04

You don't have to get an imm to set up a separate board for you. Just follow the following steps: 1. level to level 15 2. make lots of cash along the way 3. buy a scroll or guestbook 4. leave your house door open 5. advertise the location of your house/board on the news board. BINGO! You have your own discussion board. But since, you've learned the game by now, you would have known this already, so I guess this post is redundant. Tarn of the USL

From: Tarn Tuesday, May 04, 05:38AM

forgot one step. buy a house after step 2, but before step 3 Tarn of the USL

From: Woe Tuesday, May 04, 09:57AM

Heh, I was going to point this out myself, but since the indications were that the complainant was leaving, I assumed it was too late. Now since the drama has shifted to failure to get ones own board as the focus of the grievance, I believe this is a good suggestion. Anybody can have as many boards of their own as they want. Just buy a house as Tarn suggested, set up a board in it and let people know that the board is there for people who want to engage in Usenet type discussion and debate as an artform and an end in itself. Of course this takes a bit of effort, but it also requires effort for the immorts to put an extra board in ooc. And if they were going to, then surely they would have to do that for everyone, or there would be cries of favouritism. Why should one person get a board given to them, when the rest of us have to work hard for our own boards? Of course, player's own boards are located ic rather than ooc. The idea of ooc is that it exists outside the game proper, and in-game things such as becoming hungry or thirsty, healing, timed equip wearing out do not happen here for that reason. However, Jean previously disputed, in one of his many appends, the meaningfulness of this ic/ooc distinction, by stating that in his view dicussion is a central purpose of the mud (this view used to lend validity to the comparison between tedium and repetition in using the dicussion board, and tedium and repetition in gaing xp). Therefore, by his own logic, in-game processes should occur while reading and writing on the discussion board. They would, if the board were located ic. This should be a highly satisfactory solution. Persumably supporters of this crusade, those so keen to nurture this avenue of expression, should happily be willing to travel to an in-game location to engage in endless debate. Perhaps they will even sponsor the cost, or a clan could be started for this purpose.

From: Wanderer Tuesday, May 04, 01:48PM

well, it's nice to know that getting's one's own board isn't -impossible-. however, i'm saddened that it requires so much repetitive behaviour (xping and getting money) in order to achieve it. i've been thinking about a few things recently. one is that muds are a quite visible sign of the haves and the have nots- people with money and technical expertise have them, while people who don't have these things don't. another thing i've been thinking of is quoting in general. it's kind of funny in that i seem to come up with arguments that no one came up with- case in point- i've made it clear before that posting with quoting is easier then paraphrasing i've also made it clear that i've responded to quoted messages that were quoted in a similar fashion to mine. however, things i didn't really go into is that, yes, it's harder to respond to a message that uses a lot of quotes. going over this in my head, i've come to the conclusion that perhaps quoting isn't such a great solution, at least in large quantities. for this reason, i'm going to try to quote a fair amount less- sentences, but not paragraphs type of thing.

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 04, 05:49PM

Clap clap, congrats. A wise decision all around. Now the mud doesn't have to shun you. Paraphrasing is the price of admission, if you want to discuss things. On a side note Ptah I remember occasionally used quoting, but it was fairly unobtrusive.

From: Cianor Tuesday, May 04, 08:58PM

In reply to the comment that this is a place of haves and have-nots... The ENTIRE world is that place. Some people can afford cars, others can't. Some can afford houses, some can't. Some can afford lots of clothes, doctors visits, dental work, 3 course meals, fine wines, good coffee, swimming pools and satellite modems. Some can't. There was a system that tried to do without all of these things. It was proposed early this century and corrupted by Josef Stalin. While the system itself is very, very, very good in principle, it will NEVER work while economics are in effect. While resources are limited, there is no way that everyone can have everything. Yes, MUD's do tend to be run by those who have the technical expertise to run them. No these are not the only people who can. I have a MERC server compiled somewhere on one of my HDD's. While I don't have the skill to alter it much, it is a server that could be connected to by other people. I was freeware, I am sure you could get it as well. I guess I am trying to say that this is I agree that muds are not something that can be run by everything, but I for one see no reason to even make mention of this. Personnaly, I am extremely grateful that the people that do run this mud (the ones with the skills mentioned) are generous enough to share their efforts with those of us who are not skilled enough to build our own. I think they do a damn good job and that we should give them more respect and slack than we do at present. Cianor


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