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quoting revisited..

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Posted by Wanderer on 05/05

ive been thinking about quoting for a while now.. i've made it clear before that posting with quoting is easier then paraphrasing i've also made it clear that i've responded to quoted messages that were quoted in a similar fashion to mine. however, things i didn't really go into is that, yes, it's harder to respond to a message that uses a lot of quotes. going over this in my head, i've come to the conclusion that perhaps quoting isn't such a great solution, at least in large quantities. for this reason, i'm going to try to quote a fair amount less- sentences, but not paragraphs type of thing.

From: Ghandi Tuesday, May 04, 02:33PM

Something I never mentioned as it wasn't really the main problem but it would be a lot more readable if you used the standard method of quoting such as... :blah blah blah blah blah... :blah blah blah blah blah blah..... :blah blah blah blah blah... rather than Not a big deal but you'd hear less complaints from me.

From: Wanderer Tuesday, May 04, 03:15PM

since i'll be quoting a fair amount less, i think your bigger complaints w since i'll be quoting a fair amount less, i think your bigger complaints with me will vanish and you won't care much about the smaller details. personally, i don't like reading the ":" and since i read my posts to sometimes (to see if i've already made this or that point somewhere so i don't have to tell someone what i've already told someone else.) i'd rather do it with my little arrows. anyways :-p.

From: Amadio Tuesday, May 04, 03:44PM

Man, I'm starting to think you have more character than I do.

From: Amadio Tuesday, May 04, 03:44PM

Mmm, nifty typo there. That should be "characters."

From: Cianor Tuesday, May 04, 09:13PM

The quoting was only a very minor issue for most people. I didn't even really agree with the big outcry about it, seeing sometimes its pretty helpful. Most people were generally annoyed by the content of the posts. From my perspective, it seems that Jean, and all of his assorted alts posting to this board live in their own little world well and truely removed from anything that a 'normal' person would live in. While the philosophers out there point out this can be said of anyone who has individual perceptions (ie, humans, not some insects) Jean's one is slightly further removed from the mainstream than most. My humble opinion of course, but in the entire length of his posting I saw a negligible number of instances where he accepted someone elses arguments over his own. When asking why rent was as it is, he was given the reasons, based on debate over the years from the 15+ (closer to 30 I know, plus all the ones who have left) immortals who have shaped this MUD. At this point he simply said that he thought these reasons were no where near as good as his and that his ideas should be implemented immeadiatly. This attitude of "I am always right" is to me what was offensive. I am sure that most of the player- base agrees here. A little research would have found that very few ideas are being implemented at present as the limited resources of the coders are being used to promote the skilltrees idea. Further research would have revealed that this is going to be a fundamental change to the way that the MUD is played, and that a very good time for the this issue to be raised would be in the time after skilltrees are introduced, and the system is being fine-tuned. I have no trouble with people posting to this board, nor really with quoting as long as its constructive, nor even with argument here. Some of Jeans ideas were actually quite good, but the attitude of the responses to the reasons that things are the way they are isn't. They got this way because it has been found to work over the years. They are proven and true. While this does not mean that they are right, or should not be changed, it does mean that the game works they way they are, and we can survive until all of the major improvements to the game are completed. Who knows, these other matters may even render the proposed changes obsolete. Cianor.

From: Lethargio Tuesday, May 04, 11:46PM

the most annoying thing that I found of the quotes was because Jean responded to individual sentences, picking on how they were wrong rather than responding to the 'idea' of the post. It wouldn't have been so bad if he responded to what the person was saying, but because he was bickering on individual phrases it seemed as if he was almost ignoring the whole point of why the person was posting in the first place. (Well, that what it seemed to me, anyway.)

From: McDonald Wednesday, May 05, 12:05AM

Agree leth.


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